Odds & Ends: Beyblade Burst in Quebec, Transformers: Combiner Force on Teletoon

Following in the footsteps of the two prior generations of the franchise, Beyblade Burst is heading to Quebec thanks to Télétoon. The series is scheduled to debut this Saturday, May 6th at 12:30PM. The dub, which is based on the English version produced by Vancouver’s Ocean Media, was recorded at SDI Media’s Belgium studio. It premiered in France on Canal J on March 11th. Beyblade Burst replaces Yo-Kai Watch on Télétoon’s unofficial Saturday afternoon action block, which also includes Power Rangers: Dino Super Charge and Pokémon The Series: XYZ.

The series had its English-language debut on Teletoon last October. If you’re looking for a manga fix, Shogakukan Asia has confirmed they’ll be publishing Hiro Morita’s Beyblade Burst series in English. Viz skipped all Beyblade manga post-Bakuten Shoot, so it’s doubtful they’ll get around to this one. You can import the first volume from Kinokuniya.

Bee is looking swole.

Speaking of Teletoon, the network is set to run the third full season of Transformers: Robots in Disguise. Wait, didn’t they air “season 3” last fall? Well, not exactly. While that batch of six episodes has been listed as the third season by various sources (including Teletoon), it’s officially being referred to as an unbranded mini-series. Combiner Force, which premieres on Teletoon this Saturday, May 6th at 2PM, is the true third season. Once again, Japan’s Polygon Pictures is back to animate the show, which now seems to be focused on, uh, combining Transformers. There’s been some question of whether or not this season contains twenty-six episodes or thirteen, but at least we do know it’s not six.

Unlike last year’s mini-series, Canada will not be running global debuts. The season premiered in various international markets, including the United States, this month. Though, maybe we were supposed to be #1

Providing an update to an earlier story, Nelvana has finally revealed what their involvement with Bravest Warriors is. They’re producing a 52 x 11 minute fourth season of the show set to premeire on Teletoon in fall 2018. Nelvana will also distribute the three earlier seasons internationally, which were produced by Frederator. The new season is currently in production in Toronto.

In some respects, this move is a blow to being able to properly monetize longer form non-skeleton crew animation online. Fans of Bravest Warriors are more than aware of the huge gap between season 2 and season 3 – we’re talking two and a half years. That’s because Frederator were desperately looking for a partner to help co-fund the show. Youtube ad-revenue wasn’t cutting it. Each episode of Bravest Warriors received millions of views on Youtube. Once you have significant overhead, it seems even that’s not enough to keep the lights on. The third season of the show wound up debuting exclusively on VRV, a US-only subscription streaming platform run by Crunchyroll’s parent company, Ellation.

Fan reception to the news has largely been positive, as the fourth season promises to more than double the amount of episodes currently produced. Nelvana’s distribution reach should also ensure US-only launches don’t happen again. However, there is some very understandable trepidation. It’s been a really long time since Nelvana has attempted to produce a series that wasn’t exclusively aimed at children. Will they be up to the task? Will the TV episodes be significantly different in content than the web ones? Well, you shouldn’t expect any noticeable downgrade in animation…

Online schedules are listing Pokémon 3: The Movie for Saturday, May 21st at 10AM on Teletoon. Obviously not a Canadian premiere, but if you’re bored.

Ending off this heavily Teletoon themed post, we’ve got Future Card Buddyfight X. If you missed it, the fourth season of the show formerly aired on Teletoon, began its English language Youtube run on April 15th. Not too many surprises here. As expected, the series continues to be dubbed by Ocean’s Calgary/Edmonton Blue Water Studio. The extraordinarily Engrishy opening/ending theme songs are back. Bushiroad didn’t go back and dub the missing episodes. Unexpectedly, the series lead, Gao Mikado, has been recast. Melissa Dorsey replaces Patricia Bacchus, or should I say Sabrina Pitre.

Thanks, Greg.
All times listed in eastern.


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