Beyblade Burst Turbo to debut on Teletoon this October [Update 10/7/18]

beyblade burst turbo aiger
The third entry in the Beyblade Burst anime franchise is almost here. TV Passport has listed a Teletoon broadcast of Beyblade Burst Turbo set to begin on Sunday, October 7th at 2PM.  Zap2it suggests a rerun for the following Saturday in the same slot. It seems the series will mirror Transformers Cyberverse’s pattern on the channel, where premieres air on Sundays, with an encore the next Saturday.

Inspired by Hiro Morita’s Beyblade Burst manga in CoroCoro Comic, the anime series is once again produced by OLM. The third season/soft reboot premiered in Japan on April 2nd under the title of Beyblade Burst Chōzetsu. Like the prior entries, the series will contain 51 twenty-two minute episodes. Kentaro Yamaguchi and Hideki Sonoda, who served as director and lead writer for the past two seasons, return in their respective roles. Phineas & Ferb’s Danny Jacob composed the music for the season.

Aiger Akabane is a wild child, who grew up surrounded by nature.

Inspired by a chance Bey battle with Valt Aoi, Aiger sets his sights on becoming an invincible Blader with the help of his Turbo Bey, Z Achilles. Battling powerful opponents and seeking strength; Aiger sets out to defeat Valt and claim the title of World Champion.

Here begins Aiger’s tale of epic adventures and fierce battles on his way to the top.

Teletoon aired the show’s first season between September 10, 2016 and October 29, 2017. The second season, Beyblade Burst Evolution, debuted on November 4, 2017 and concluded on September 16, 2018. The channel has been airing reruns of the latter since. Reruns of the series also air on Disney XD Canada. In French Canada, Beyblade Burst debuted on Télétoon on May 6, 2017. Evolution is set to end on October 28th (barring any Halloween programming pre-emptions).

Beyblade Burst and its followups are distributed internationally by Sunrights. The English version was is produced by Vancouver’s Ocean Productions.

All times eastern.

UPDATE: The show aired as advertised earlier this afternoon. However, there was an unexpected surprise. Sunrights is no longer producing the English dub with Ocean Productions. In fact, for the first time in the franchise’s history, a mainline Beyblade show is being dubbed outside of Canada. Sunrights has partnered with Bang Zoom! Entertainment in Burbank to produce the English version of Beyblade Burst Turbo. Naturally, the entire original cast has been replaced.

a canadian anime dub isn't allowed to exist in 2018

This change wasn’t announced and the reason behind it can only be speculated. The first two seasons of Beyblade Burst received subsidies from the Japanese government’s JLOP branch. Turbo has no credits indicating such. I suspect Sunrights may have not received funding for this season and made up the difference by hiring a cheaper, non-union cast in the L.A. area. It’s sad how little they value the crew behind 102 episodes of the show. Even more so when you consider Beyblade’s continued strong performance and deep Canadian ties.

It’s been a really rough decade for fans of Canadian voice actors and unfortunately, it doesn’t appear to be getting any better.

  1. “The English version is produced by Vancouver’s Ocean Productions”
    Not anymore :-(

    • mini18078
    • October 8th, 2018

    They replaced the entire cast, basically mid season, just to save money. They really have no respect for their product.

    • I also view it as a lack of respect for the audience. 102 episodes is a long time for them to get familiar with these actors.

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