Teletoon’s Fall 2018 highlights includes Bravest Warriors, Super Dinosaur, Transformers Cyberverse

The fall broadcast season is almost here and Canada’s animation broadcaster sure is doing things. Between Teletoon, Teletoon At Night and Télétoon, there’s a lot to talk about … right?

Starting off, you can expect to see new second-run episodes of Cartoon Network shows like The Amazing World of GumballCraig Of The Creek, Teen Titans Go, Unikitty and We Bare Bears. One thing you’ll have to wait a little longer to see is the new Teletoon pilot/special Spaceman & Robotron, as it’s set for November.

All times listed in eastern.


For September, Teletoon has two new original shows:

Bravest Warriors debuts on Teletoon with a special 1-hour premiere on Monday, September 3rd at 8PM. New episodes air Mondays-Fridays in the half slot. Originally a web-series from Adventure Time’s Pendleton Ward and Frederator, the show comes to Teletoon via the channel’s sister company Nelvana, who took over production and distribution for the series with its fourth season. These episodes first debuted in the U.S. last December on VRV, a subscription video-on-demand service from the parent company of Crunchyroll.

Set in the year 3085, the series follows four teenage heroes-for-hire as they warp through the universe to save adorable aliens and their worlds using the power of their emotions.

The decision to start Bravest Warriors with season 4 is a bit of a head scratcher. Yes, it’s the first Canadian one and the first produced for TV, but the show’s third season has never been legally available in this country as it was also a VRV exclusive. Bravest Warriors is a show with continuity, so that seems like a weird thing to skip. Nelvana is supposed to have the rights to the first three seasons of the show, but maybe they’ll wind up on the upcoming channel from Frederator’s parent company?

Teletoon’s other new September debut is Cupcake & Dino: General Services. A Canada-Brazil co-production between Entertainment One and Birdo Studio, the 52 x 11-minute show is about “two bros trying to make a name for themselves in the super competitive general services business in the big city.” The series debuted internationally on Netflix in late July. Teletoon’s run begins on September 3rd at 6PM with an hour-long debut. The show’s regular run is on Saturdays between 10-11AM.

The rest of the weekday schedule? Moldy oldies are the theme. Not the Teletoon Retro-tier either, but reruns of Cartoon Network shows like Teen Titans Go!, Craig of the Creek, The Amazing World of GumballWe Bare Bears, Steven Universe, etc. If you want older content, set your DVRs. Pinky and the Brain, as well as The Jetsons are set for the 3-4AM hour. Keep that DVR handy if you’re a fan of Be Cool, Scooby Doo or Right Now Kapow. Teletoon is burning off new episodes of both shows daily at 5/5:30AM and 12PM, respectively. New Larva shorts continue to air sporadically.


Teletoon kicks off the weekend with … more Cartoon Network reruns. The channel’s long running Superfan Friday block of animated super hero shows (plus Yu-Gi-Oh!) ended last week. Gone are Yu-Gi-Oh! Arc-V, Avengers Assemble, Ultimate Spider-Man and Justice League Action. In their place are more reruns of We Bare Bears and Steven Universe, with the sole new content coming from the Bravest Warriors weekday strip at 8PM.

Reruns are also rampant on the weekend morning schedule, with the only “new to Teletoon” being episodes of We Bare Bears on Sundays and the aforementioned Cupcake & Dino run. They’ll be joined by the full-length Chop Chop Ninja animated series when it debuts on the English channel on October 6th at 11:30AM. For more info on the show, check out the Télétoon below.

Thankfully, the afternoon and evening lineup has some fresh material:

You might remember Super Dinosaur, the CG-animated adaptation of Robert Kirkman (yes, The Walking Dead guy) and Jason Howard’s comic book series of the same name. Produced in Vancouver by Atomic Cartoons in conjunction with Spin Master, the 26 episode x 22 minute series “focuses on Derek Dynamo and his best‐friend Super Dinosaur, a genetically engineered Tyrannosaurus Rex with human‐level intelligence and an aptitude for awesome combat gear.” Super Dinosaur stars Valin Shinyei and Deven Mack, with the world television debut set for Teletoon on Saturday, September 8th at 3PM.

Transformers Cyberverse, the latest reset in animated Cybertronian storytelling starts its Canadian broadcast on Teletoon September 16th at 1:30PM. New episodes air every Sunday as a half hour, with a repeat the following Saturday in the same slot. Bumblebee is severely damaged and only through reliving his memories can a small group of Autobots uncover why he was sent to Earth, though the Decepticons aim to make the recovery difficult. The 18 episode x 11-minute show is produced in Ireland by Hasbro-owned Boulder Media and stars a range of actors from the New York City-area. Cyberverse first debuted on Monday in the United States on the Cartoon Network app, with its television debut set for 6:30AM on September 1st.

On the anime side of things, there are no surprises. As reported earlier, Yu-Gi-Oh! VRAINS will have its English-television debut on Saturday, September 1st at 1PM. New episodes of Pokémon the Series: Sun & Moon – Ultra Adventures and Beyblade Burst Evolution are also on tap. Regarding the latter, a premiere hiatus that started on August 12th will end with episode 48’s debut on September 8th at 2PM. With Evolution’s 51st and final episode set to air on September 16th, it’s likely Teletoon will air Beyblade Burst Turbo later in the fall.

Here’s what the Saturday afternoon lineup will look like this fall:

12:00PM – Pokémon the Series: Sun & Moon – Ultra Adventures (New episodes)
12:30PM – Power Rangers: Super Ninja Steel (New episodes)
01:00PM – Yu-Gi-Oh! VRAINS (New series)
01:30PM – Transformers Cyberverse (New series – encore of prior Sunday broadcast)
02:00PM – Beyblade Burst Evolution (Final new episodes)
02:30PM – Ben 10 (2016) (Reruns)
03:00PM – Super Dinosaur (New series)

New episodes of Beyblade Burst Evolution, Power Rangers: Super Ninja Steel, Super Dinosaur and Yu-Gi-Oh! VRAINS will also run on Sundays in the same respective time slots. The Sunday slot is where Teletoon will premiere the 25th Anniversary Power Rangers special, “Dimensions in Danger.” It airs on September 16th.

When it comes to the evenings, Teletoon is debuting the controversial Total DramaRama on October 7th at 6:30PM.

total dramarama teletoon

Total Dramarama is the outrageous, unexpected and totally random prequel to Total Drama Island. The series re-introduces Total Drama Island cast members as four year olds in a daycare centre. While they might be small, their personalities aren’t. Inside these pint-sized bodies are hilariously familiar characters like Duncan, Harold, Leshawna, Owen, Beth, Noah, Izzy, Jude, Cody, Bridgette, and Courtney and they are not going down for their naps without a fight. Left in charge of this feisty bunch of four year olds is Total Drama Island’s scary but loveable Chef.

FreshTV’s new 52 x 11 minute series debuted in the United States on Cartoon Network’s app earlier this month and will see its linear premiere this weekend.

Wishfart premieres move to Sunday at 8:00/8:30PM starting September 2nd.

Teletoon At Night

Teletoon’s adult block is ever so slightly less stale this fall. Completing the Seth MacFarlane hat trick, the channel has picked up The Cleveland Show reruns, formerly the domain of Much. The reruns start September 1st at 9PM. Rejoining the lineup is King of the Hill, beginning September 3rd at 9PM. Because this is Corus, King of the Hill will also be on CMT.

The daily reruns on Teletoon at Night will be cycling in episodes from Family Guy’s 15th and 16th seasons, as well as Bob’s Burgers’ 7th and 8th.

Here’s the Teletoon at Night fall lineup:

09:00PM – King of the Hill (Reruns – series returning to Teletoon)
09:30PM – American Dad! (Reruns)
10:00PM – Bob’s Burgers (Reruns)
10:30PM – Bob’s Burgers (Reruns)
11:00PM – Family Guy (Reruns)
11:30PM – Family Guy (Reruns)
12:00AM –Rick and Morty (Reruns)
12:30AM – 03:00AM: Encore of the programming aired between 9:30PM and 12AM.

09:00PM – The Cleveland Show (Reruns – series new to Teletoon)
09:30PM – The Cleveland Show (Reruns – series new to Teletoon)
10:00PM – American Dad! (Reruns)
10:30PM – American Dad! (Reruns)
11:00PM – Family Guy (Reruns)
11:30PM – Family Guy (Reruns)
12:00AM – Archer (Reruns)
12:00AM – Archer (Reruns)
01:00AM – 03:00AM: Encore of the programming aired between 10PM and 12AM.

09:00PM – Movie
11:30PM – Encore of movie.
02:00AM – Archer (Reruns)
02:30AM – Fugget About It (Reruns)

Some of the first Sunday night movies include Batman: Gotham By GaslightTeenage Mutant Ninja Turtles (2014) and Batman: Under the Red Hood. For films that don’t end at the top of the hour, Teletoon is using old Robot Chicken episodes as filler.

Gone from the schedule are reruns of Futurama, Night Sweats and Quads.


The French-language service is lighter on new material with the focus going to two Quebec-produced shows:

Chop Chop Ninja, from Sardine Productions and Gamerizon. The 40 x 11 minute series is an adaptation of Gamerizon’s successful mobile video game series of the same name. The games previously inspired the non-verbal Chop Chop Ninja Challenge shorts that aired on both Teletoon channels in 2014. The full-length series will debut on Télétoon starting September 1st at 9AM, with the show’s regular Sunday run starting with a new episode in the same slot the next day. The English dub will debut on Teletoon .

Iro, an exuberant young ninja, has one big dream: to become THE Chop Chop Ninja. There is no higher achievement for a ninja! Is he ready for it? Not even close. Does he want it? More than anyone. Will getting there be fun? Absolutely! Along with his three friends and classmates at the Academy, Jo, Neeko and Tetsuo, Iro protects his island home from a steady onslaught of treacherous and not so treacherous villains, and protects the mysterious Medallion from the clutches of Magic Master, in hopes of proving that he deserves the legendary title of CHOP CHOP NINJA.

Snow Snaps / Les Mini-Tuques, from Carpediem Film & TV. The 26 x 11 minute (or 52 x 5 min) series is a spinoff of 2015’s Snowtime!La Guerre des tuques 3D, itself a remake of 1984’s The Dog Who Stopped The WarLa guerre des tuques. The series will premiere on Télétoon September 1st at 7AM, with new episodes airing in half hours blocks every Saturday and Sunday. Reruns will also air on La chaîne Disney. The English dub will run on Treehouse every Saturday and Sunday starting September 1st at 11:40AM with an encore at 4:05PM.

Take four very different little kids, open the gate to the great outdoors, cover everything with snow, and let ‘em go! In each episode the four stars of Snow Snaps are confronted with a challenge. Overcoming the challenge becomes a game, but the game always gets totally out of hand and leads to a surprise ending.

The only other new series with a date attached is the French-language debut of Unikitty, set for September 1st at 10:30AM.  New episodes of Ben 10 (2016), BunniculaBeyblade Burst EvolutionCloudy with a Chance of Meatballs: The Series, New Looney Tunes, MysticonsPokémon the Series: Sun & Moon – Ultra Adventures, Power Rangers: Super Ninja Steel, and The Tom & Jerry Show are also set to air. The French dub of Cupcake & Dino: General Services is due out in October.

On the Télétoon la Nuit side of things, the block will continue debuting the second season of Rick and Morty’s Quebec dub. Season 10 of American Dad! will launch on September 6th at 10PM with the premiere of Archer: Danger Island due a half hour later. The rest of Family Guy’s 16th season will debut on October 4th, with The Simpsons’ 29th season set for October 25th. What won’t be returning with new episodes is South Park. The show is moving to Bell Media’s Z starting September 5th.

UPDATE (8/30/2018): Corus has issued a press release for Teletoon’s fall 2018 lineup. Article has been amended to include the new information.

Thanks Adam and ONFy.

  1. Does anyone want to know when TAN should stop airing movies completely?

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