Bushiroad resumes production on Future Card Buddyfight’s English dub


Alongside the announcement that the show’s fourth season is due out in April, Japanese card game/wrestling promoter (they exploit the weirdness of that combination) Bushiroad has confirmed they’ll return to dubbing the Future Card Buddyfight anime series in English. While the crossmedia project debuted simulatneously in English and Japanese on streaming platforms in 2014, with an English dub by Ocean Media’s Calgary and Edmonton affiliate Blue Water, the company ceased production on the dubbed version halfway through the second season, Buddyfight Hundred, in October 2015. From that point onwards Bushiroad shifted English promotion to a subtitled simulcast of the Japanese version.

Bushiroad wasn’t generous in terms of details on this announcement, so I’m going to make two predictions: the English dub will see the original cast reprise their roles, but they won’t dub the 76-ish episodes (the rest of Hundred and the entirety of Buddyfight Triple D) between the English language releases. Both are based on Bushiroad’s own prior actions. Despite putting the English dub on hiatus, the company continues to contract voice work for the TCG’s commercials to Alberta. The English dub of Buddyfight‘s sister series, Cardfight!! Vanguard, continues to be released weekly on Youtube. However, the dub, which is also produced by Blue Water, skipped the 32 episode fourth season known as Legion Mate, which aired in Japan in 2014. The reasoning behind that gap is pretty obvious: the English TCG releases had closed the gap with Japan, but unlike Buddyfight, Vanguard‘s dub has always been significantly behind the Japanese broadcast/simulcast, so the move was made to better sync production. With that logic, I can’t really see them dubbing the missing Buddyfight episodes. These shows are unabashed card commercials.

Good luck to English-language only fans of the series, though. Vanguard relaunched with a new cast in its fifth season. Based on the above promo, Buddyfight‘s fourth season appears to share continuity with the previous ones. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

The first season of Future Card Buddyfight ran on Teletoon between January 2015 and January 2016. The network hasn’t aired an episode since.

Update (02/18/17): The fourth season’s name has been revealed to be Future Card Buddyfight Battsu. It’ll premiere on TV Tokyo and TV Aichi in Japan on April 1st. No word on if that’s when the English dub will debut.

Four posts in four days…

Thanks Chibigoku.


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