I Miss Bionix is a fan run blog depicting the current news of Japanese animation in Canada, as well as remembering the good times when it wasn’t so bleak.

The name, I Miss Bionix, refers to a television block on the Canadian YTV channel that ran from 2004 to 2010.

The blog was launched in July 2010 as an attempt to be a voice for a voiceless audience once the only voice we had died down. You see, Canadian anime news is rarely covered in the big websites, and often times when it is, by the next day it’s already off the page for no readers to see.

This changed with the creation of the blog Zannen.ca. The site was devoted to almost exactly what I Miss Bionix is. Except when it launched, there wasn’t a Bionix to remember, only hope for the future. Eventually that hope gave to the fruition of Bionix, and the short lived Anime Current on G4 TechTV, as well as Anime Kamikaze on Razer (now MTV2).

Zannen.ca died in early 2010 after the creator found the site to be the in exact same situation it was when it launched years prior. There was little news to report, and even smaller amounts of anime on the air. Time to finally move on. He did eventually, and launched Sitting on an Atomic Bomb (general thoughts on media, and the way things are in Canada) in August of that same year.

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