Bakugan: Armored Alliance debuts this February on Teletoon

Promotional art for Bakugan Armored Alliance, reused from the first season 'cause I don't have any from season 2

Teletoon will debut the second season of the Bakugan reboot, Armored Alliance, on February 16th at 2:30PM. The show is once again an international co-production, between Toronto’s Spin Master Entertainment, Nelvana and Japan’s TMS Entertainment. As confirmed alongside its announcement last October, the season will consist of 104 eleven-minute episodes, which most broadcasters (including Teletoon) will air in one half-hour.

Here’s a synopsis of the first 22-minute episode, “The Mysterious Boy/A New Power”:

After stopping Tiko’s rampage, the Awesome Ones have become world-famous heroes and Bakugan-mania sweeps the globe. In celebration of the Awesome Ones efforts, a tournament is being held in their honour. But the battles are quickly cut short when a rogue brawler and his golden Bakugan crash the event. Dan and Drago go head to head with the outsiders to get to the bottom of it.

Teletoon’s Armored Alliance run currently stands as the show’s global television debut. The first episodes of the second season were screened at an invite-only Spin Master event in Los Angeles last month.

The first season, Bakugan: Battle Planet, debuted on Teletoon in Canada on December 31, 2018, and concludes February 9, 2020. Reruns began airing on YTV in January 2019. In French Canada, the series runs on Télétoon. The show is also available to stream on Nelvana’s Cartoon Power Up YouTube channel as well as on Netflix.

All times eastern.

  1. From what I was expecting, It appears that Teletoon’s full schedule has seen an upbringing from what it could possibly be as a recent developed production.

    As for the nighttime schedule, it appears that the English Teletoon channel has been adding more modern kid shows to late nights like Total Dramarama but that would probably be the least of its worries as adult animation hasn’t been around for a while since AS in Canada has its own channel so what’s that got to do with it?

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