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YTV debuts the final seven episodes of Beyblade: Shogun Steel exclusively online


When Beywarriors: Beyraiderz began airing on YTV, I mentioned that the western-exclusive Beyblade spinoff had replaced the time slot of the latest mainline show, Beyblade: Shogun Steel. YTV’s broadcast of the show ended prematurely at episode nineteen. At the time, I expected the show to simply go on hiatus while Beyraiderz aired as a promotional tie-in for toys hitting the shelves, but it looks like that won’t be the case. YTV has announced that the final seven episodes of the series will only be available to stream through their website. They’ve already posted the first four episodes to watch. Continue reading

Future Card Buddy Fight is dubbed in Calgary, and available to watch for free

Sure, the US gets Space Dandy this weekend, but with Beyraiderz, and Future Card Buddy Fight we can still get into the simuldub thing.

What do you mean you’d rather have Space Dandy?

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YTV will premiere B-Daman: Crossfire on September 7th

I was a bit perplexed by some omissions in YTV, and Teletoon’s fall programming highlights this year but didn’t really care enough about the shows to write a post about them. I wasn’t expecting a Canadian rendition of [adult swim]‘s Toonami or anything, but seemingly safe bet children’s anime like Digimon: Fusion, B-Daman: Crossfire, and Tenkai Knights were no where to be seen despite pending product and US broadcast launches. It appears that at least one of those is making a debut this side of the border. Internet scheduling giant Zap2it! lists a September 7th broadcast at 1:30PM Eastern by the title of “Battle B-Daman” on YTV. I’m going to assume that the channel will not be airing a 22 minute toy commercial from ten years ago, but rather it’s a mix up for the newest B-Daman series, B-Daman: Crossfire. Crossfire launched in the US on The CW’s Vortexx Saturday morning block on August 17th.
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Beyblade: Shogun Steel premieres this Saturday on YTV

As one of the two remaining anime series on YTV, and therefore mainstream Canadian television I guess this is an important thing to note. The next season/series in the Beyblade: Metal ___ reboot launches this Saturday at 11:30AM ET. Rather than a direct followup to Beyblade: Metal Fury, Shogun Steel stars new blader Zyro Hagane with the Metal ___ cast in mentor-ship roles as they’ve been aged up. It’s important to note that this is the final season of the modern Beyblade reboot to air in Japan, but don’t worry as we know Nelvana’s got more original spinoffs on the way. Continue reading

Here’s some Tenkai Knights footage

This entire franchise has kind of snuck up on me. I honestly hadn’t heard of Tenkai Knights before writing up this article a few weeks back, and now the show is just days away from a broadcast premiere in the United States. The Canada-Japan co-production will launch on Cartoon Network sometime on August 24th. In support of that impending launch the franchise’s official Youtube channel uploaded our first real look:

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Take a sneak peek at the Canadian dubbed Little Battlers eXperience

keyart_LBXAll I write about is kids shows … Here’s one that has been in the works for a while. Little Battlers eXperience, known in Japan as Danball Senki (literally, “The Cardboard Troopers”) dates back to 2008 when well known games company Level-5 announced the original action RPG on PSP. It wasn’t until June 2011 that said PSP game actually hit store shelves in Japan, but it didn’t come alone. Level-5 had worked with a variety of partners, including Bandai, Shogakukan, and TV Tokyo to ensure the game would launch alongside model kits, manga, and a TV anime by OLM. After the series proved itself in its native land, Dentsu Entertainment USA picked up the show later that year with interests in releasing it in North America, Europe, and other markets. Rather than reusing the dub produced for Asian markets, like what happened to Level-5′s Inazuma Eleven, Dentsu Entertainment USA hired Calgary’s own Blue Water Studios to adapt 78 episodes of the series.

Little Battlers eXperience (LBX) is based on a highly successful animation, toy, videogame, and manga franchise in Japan known as “Danball Senki.” In this popular animation series, children in the year 2050 have miniature LBX robots, which they build, customize and play in robot battles.

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Nelvana funds more western exclusive Beyblade spinoffs


Despite Metal Fight Beyblade ending in Japan this past January Nelvana will keep the franchise spinning as it has announced two additional series in the franchise, BeyRaiderz Shogun and BeyWarriors Cyborg. This is in addition to the twenty six episodes of Metal Fight Beyblade: Zero-G being dubbed as Beyblade: Shogun Steel. The company gave no plot descriptions for either spinoff but BeyRaiderz Shogun is set for a spring 2014 broadcast with 13 episodes with BeyWarriors Cyborg coming that fall with 26 episodes and two one hour specials. BeyRaiderz Shogun may have been the previously announced second season of last year’s BeyWheelz western spinoff. Hasbro plans on releasing BeyWarriors toys this fall.
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International audiences to play host to Beyblade: Shogun Steel premieres

Volume 1 of Nippon Columbia's rental only release of Zero-G

Volume 1 of Nippon Columbia’s rental only release of Zero-G

Lots has happened since I wrote about Metal Fight Beyblade: Zero-G being dubbed into Beyblade: Shogun Steel for worldwide broadcasts. During that time the show was still airing in Japan, sharing a 30-minute timeslot with Cross Fight B-Daman eS on TV Tokyo, and was expected to until the spring season in Japan, as the previous Metal Fight Beyblade seasons had. Then something interesting happened, after 38 episodes the series was replaced by Beast Saga, Takara Tomy’s reboot of the Battle Beasts franchise. The 38 episode run was a bit surprising, as Nelvana confirmed Shogun Steel would run for 26 full length episodes. The previous season of the show had two 12 minute episodes combined into one full length episode for the Japanese rental release, and international markets. The same would’ve been expected to happen with Metal Fight Beyblade Zero-G, but you’d be left with 19 episodes with this season. Most expected this episode deficiency to be filled up for international broadcast, as that was the case for the existence of Beywheelz, especially as one of the staff members from the show hinted that the entire story wasn’t aired. Continue reading

Funimation to release a potential Ocean redub of Dragon Ball Z on DVD?

FN01204 This is going to be a long post … Following an early leak via solicitations, AAA Anime, a distributor of official anime merchandise to independent retailers in North America has put up a rather interesting listing, titled “Dragon Ball Z: Season 1 Saiyan Saga (DVD Box Set) (Ocean Dub) (DVDs)“. Funimation is no stranger to re-releasing Dragon Ball Z, but this one in particular is almost baffling. AAA Anime’s description of the release:

From Funimation! The original 29 episodes of Dragonball Z have been redubbed by the fan-favorite Ocean team! Here’s where it all started! Goku learns of his alien heritage when his brother arrives on Earth and kidnaps Gohan! After a battle that costs Goku’s life, Piccolo takes Gohan into the wild country for special training and the rest of the Earth’s defenders gather to train for the arrival of two more Saiyans: Nappa and Vegeta!

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Digimon Fusion heads to Nickelodeon in the US, YTV broadcast in Canada pending?

Digimon_FusionDigimon Fusion has been confirmed for broadcast on Nickelodeon in the United States. This is a surprise for a variety of reasons, firstly, Nickelodeon proper rarely airs acquired programming, even less of that being anime (you’d have to go back to early 00s with Speed Racer X to find the last instance of proper Japan produced animation on the network if memory serves) and secondly, the franchise’s licensor, Saban Brands, owns the Vortexx block on The CW. Many thought the company would emulate nostalgia of the 90s by premiering new episodes of the series on their weekly Saturday morning network block, just as Saban Entertainment did with Digimon on FOX Kids back in the 90s/early 00s. Continue reading


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