Love Live! The School Idol Movie gets Canadian run; Boruto gets encore [Updated 12/23/2015]

Remember when K-On was a thing?

Remember when K-On was a thing?

I’ll admit that I don’t know much about the Love Live! franchise. I know it’s a popular cross media series about singing and dancing that encompasses music, anime, video games and more merch and tie-ins than a person could possibly fit in a single house. Do I have a “best girl?” I can’t say I do. But I was aware that Canadian Love Live! fans were a little peeved that they missed out on the fun that was the franchise’s debut theatrical movie. You see, while various markets around the world got the film shortly after its Japanese debut, Canada didn’t. For whatever reason, NIS America and the powers that be weren’t able to secure a Canadian theatrical run alongside the US one. This bummer even became the topic of a Zannen, Canada podcast episode. Well, fret no longer Love Livers, NIS America has confirmed the film will receive Canadian screenings after all!

Here’s a trailer and plot synopsis for Love Live! The School Idol Movie:

Although μ’s, the defending champions of the school idol tournament, plans to dissolve their group after the graduation of their senior members, they receive news that leads them to holding a concert event! The 9 girls continue to learn and grow in this new and unfamiliar world. What is the last thing that these girls can do as school idols? With the clock ticking, what kind of meaning will the μ’s members find in performing the most exciting live performance?

While NIS America won’t say more than “early 2016” for the Canadian screenings, Cineplex’s page for the movie lists January 15th for the premiere. Mirroring other theatrical runs, it looks like it’ll be screened in Japanese with English subtitles.

Assuming I remember, I’ll post an update should the date change or if additional details are shared. In the meantime, this is NIS America’s site for the movie. The global site can be found here.

UPDATE (12/23/2015):  While Cineplex’s listing continues to state January 15th as the release date, the page has been updated to include a poster promoting the screenings as happening on February 4th and 13th:


A recent newsletter from NIS America supports a February release.

I somehow didn’t cover this the first time around, but the latest Naruto movie received screenings in 9 Canadian cities in October. If you missed that date, you’re in luck. Viz and Eleven Arts are bringing the film back to theatres next week. There’s only one screening in Toronto and it’s on the 15th, so show times are looking extra limited. Check your local listing on Cineplex’s website (or here if Eleven Arts ever decides to add the Canadian screens). Like Love Live!, Boruto: Naruto the Movie will be screened in Japanese with English subtitles. Here’s a trailer and a plot summary:

In Boruto: Naruto the Movie, famed ninja, Naruto Uzumaki protects the Hidden Leaf Village as the Seventh Hokage, while Boruto, his troublesome son, resents his father’s responsibilities that take his time away from him. Seeing this, Sasuke takes Boruto under his wing, while Sasuke’s only daughter, Sarada, dreams of being Hokage one day. With Naruto as the Seventh Hokage, the Hidden Leaf Village plans to host the Chunin Exams to train new shinobi from the village and from their allied villages. Among the entrants are Sasuke’s daughter, Sarada, Mitsuki, an exceptionally talented yet mysterious shinobi… and Boruto, Naruto’s talented but impetuous son. Meanwhile, Sasuke who’s been on a mission in another dimension appears before Naruto to warn of a strange impending danger. Shrouded with an evil aura, Momoshiki and Kinshiki appear and attempt to assassinate Naruto. Petrified, Boruto is shielded by Naruto, only to disappear in front of Boruto’s own eyes!

I’d say this might be your last chance to catch a Naruto related film on the big screening, but Shueisha’s not fooling me.

Two updates on the same day? I guess now’s as good a time as any for a miracle.


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