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Take a sneak peek at the Canadian dubbed Little Battlers eXperience

keyart_LBXAll I write about is kids shows … Here’s one that has been in the works for a while. Little Battlers eXperience, known in Japan as Danball Senki (literally, “The Cardboard Troopers”) dates back to 2008 when well known games company Level-5 announced the original action RPG on PSP. It wasn’t until June 2011 that said PSP game actually hit store shelves in Japan, but it didn’t come alone. Level-5 had worked with a variety of partners, including Bandai, Shogakukan, and TV Tokyo to ensure the game would launch alongside model kits, manga, and a TV anime by OLM. After the series proved itself in its native land, Dentsu Entertainment USA picked up the show later that year with interests in releasing it in North America, Europe, and other markets. Rather than reusing the dub produced for Asian markets, like what happened to Level-5’s Inazuma Eleven, Dentsu Entertainment USA hired Calgary’s own Blue Water Studios to adapt 78 episodes of the series.

Little Battlers eXperience (LBX) is based on a highly successful animation, toy, videogame, and manga franchise in Japan known as “Danball Senki.” In this popular animation series, children in the year 2050 have miniature LBX robots, which they build, customize and play in robot battles.

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Alternate Canadian produced Dragon Ball Kai dub still missing in action

This blog has a few reoccurring topics. Those who’ve been following it since the beginning likely know more about Beyblade than they normally would care to, likewise for Pokemon. However, today’s topic is neither merch based series as we’re going back to the world of Dragon Ball Kai. Fans in the United Kingdom rejoiced when earlier this year Toei Animation announced that they reached an agreement with CSC Media to see Goku and friends on British TV once again. Interestingly, this announcement didn’t just draw the attention of UK based Dragon Ball fans, as it drew the attention of the entire English fandom. You see, back in the day people in the UK were treated to the same alternate English dubs of Dragon Ball, Z, and GT produced in Canada that followers of this blog will remember airing on YTV. Specifically, the alternate Z dub had the Vancouver based Ocean dub cast from the 1996 Funimation produced Dragon Ball Z dub, with the original Dragon Ball series, and GT being the domain of Calgary’s Blue Water. What does that have to do with Kai? Well, an alternate Canadian produced dub for the series had long been thought to be in production, with evidence coming from voice actors allegedly associated with the project saying it exists, to Ocean staff being credited in the TV edit of Funimation’s US dub, and lastly to the simple fact that the same countries that aired the alternate DB/Z/GT dubs were the same countries that had yet to see Funimation’s Kai dub on TV. That was about to change as Kai had finally been picked up in the UK. So fans anxiously waited for the series to air on Kixx, hoping to see the first glimpse of this alternate dub in a promo set to debut this past Saturday. They got their wish:

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Looks like Beyblade Zero-G will be spinning in North America in 2013, Beywheelz detailed inside

In a move that shouldn’t shock anyone given Nelvana staff are once again listed in the show’s Japanese credits, it appears that Metal Fight Beyblade Zero-G will be heading westward in 2013. The revelation came in the latest issue of Nelvana’s Beyblade Buzz newsletter and their MIPTV flyer.

In both cases Nelvana says a fourth season of Beyblade is set for broadcasters in Fall 2013. This will be following the upcomming broadcasts of the third season of the show, titled Metal Fury in North America, and the western exclusive BeyWheelz spinoff. Speaking of which, toy licensee Hasbro posted a trailer for the latter on their official Beyblade Youtube channel: Continue reading

Cookie Jar licenses Scan2Go

Toronto based Cookie Jar Group has licensed the 52 episode somewhat anime, Scan2Go, from Japan’s d-rights. The show is a global production spanning from the Middle Eastern toy company NewBoy, Korean broadcasting company SBS, Korean Stone Bridge Capital, and of course the aforementioned Japanese d-rights. The series takes place in the near future when Earth has made contact with other planets in our galaxy. The pass time of Scan2Go racing has become an intergalactic phenomenon and players around the galaxy compete for big prizes. Earth is apparently one of the last planets to get involved with Scan2Go, and thus a team is formed to encourage participation from the citizens of the planet. Basically, it’s a show meant to sell rev up racing cars, tracks, and cards that activate special gimmicks on the cars ala the Cyber Planet Keys from the Transformers Cybertron toyline. If the art reminds you of Bakugan, there’s a reason for that. Mitsuo Hashimoto is behind this series, he’s worked on a whole bunch of anime series, including Dragon Ball, Beyblade and yes, Bakugan. Continue reading

Protected: Ocean dub of Dragon Ball Kai not dead, first cast member confirmed

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