Pokemon DP: Sinnoh League Victors Marathon and Zoroark: Master of Illusions on YTV This Saturday

In a belated attempt to celebrate the release of Pokemon Black & White version for the Nintendo DS (which was released the day of this writing) YTV will be airing four new back-to-back episodes of Pokemon DP: Sinnoh League Victors instead of the Super Anime Lineup next Saturday, though this is the season before the storyline actually kicks into the Black & White storyline, but hey…

12:00pm – Pokemon: DP Sinnoh League Victors “With the Easiest of Grace” NEW!
12:30pm – Pokemon: DP Sinnoh League Victors “Dealing With a Fierce Double Ditto Drama” NEW!
1:00pm – Pokemon: DP Sinnoh League Victors “Last Call, First Round” NEW!
1:30pm – Pokemon: DP Sinnoh League Victors “Opposites Interact” NEW!

Are you a Beyblade fan who is severely depressed by the lack of episodes? Well, later this month YTV will be airing a marathon of Beyblade Metal Fusion. I’ll write an article when the broadcast nears.


Thanks to commentator AnimeAsh, it has been brought to my attention that YTV’s Pokemon antics won’t end with this four episode marathon, but rather will continue onwards to the YTV premiere broadcast of the thirteenth Pokemon theatrical feature, Zoroark: Master of Illusions. It should be noted that while Zap2it, and other online schedules are not displaying this broadcast, it is included in YTV.com’s March Newsletter to members.

Thanks to Mohji for pointing this out.


Yu-Gi-Oh! 3D: Bonds Beyond Time won’t be going beyond in Canada this month

Yu-Gi-Oh! 3D: Bonds Beyond Time is the third theatrical film based on Kazuki Takahashi’s world famous Yu-Gi-Oh! franchise after 1998’s Yu-Gi-Oh! (Japan-only), and the 4Kids Entertainment backed Yu-Gi-Oh!: The Movie – Pyramid of Light (2004). This film unites the stars of the previous three Yu-Gi-Oh! series, Yugi Moto (Yu-Gi-Oh!), Jaden Yuki (Yu-Gi-Oh! GX), and Yusei Fudo (Yu-Gi-Oh! 5Ds) as they battle a common foe in Paradox. This movie has been positioned as the main attraction in the anniversary celebrations, with viewers receiving free trading cards, and manga just for watching. The film opened in January 2010 in Japan, but is receiving another run with an extended cut, and a preview of the next Yu-Gi-Oh! series, Yu-Gi-Oh! Zexal. The English version will be released in the next few weeks, and will be based on this extended cut, with what may be an English exclusive 10 minute recap, though it is unknown if the Zexal preview will remain. For Canadian Yu-Gi-Oh! fans, it appears they won’t be jumping in this celebration in theatres.

InuYasha The Movie: Affections Touching Through Time

For the 10th Anniversary film, rather than allowing the film to getting a mainstream full film distributor, like the 2004 release (which was handled by Warner), licensee 4Kids decided to go for a limited 4 -day event with specialty distributor Cinedigm, on the 26, and 27 of February, alongside the 5 and 6 of March. The thing is, Cinedigm’s clients are all US based theatre chains, leaving us Canadians out of luck.

4Kids Entertainment, and the other associated companies with the English release of the film haven’t actually confirmed a Canadian theatrical screening won’t happen, but it appears if one were to happen it would be well after the Cinedigm release as no Canadian theatres I’m aware of are listing the film. 4Kids, and the rest of the companies involved have also neglected to mention if Canada is part of what they perceive the international community to be, as a UK, and other European countries have a theatrical release set in for 2012, to celebrate the franchise’s tenth anniversary in those markets (the various press releases 4Kids has released use very vague wording like “North American version”, etc.). The only issue is that Canada received Yu-Gi-Oh! in the same year as the US… As well, as an aside, it should be noted that the first trailer for the film on its official site was geo-locked, and Canadian viewers were greeted with a “This content is currently unavailable” message. A 4Kids rep did confirm that this wasn’t meant to happen, but that error wasn’t corrected until the second trailer (embedded below) was released.

I’m actually really disappointed that it appears we won’t be getting the movie. I’m not exactly the world’s largest Yu-Gi-Oh! fan or anything, but still, I would’ve went just for the novelty of seeing the three main protagonists interacting with each other. Not to mention that seeing 2D animation in 3D would be very cool. I do hope 4Kids is able to make it work, because it would be quite silly when a movie based on a series which never aired in Canada was able to get on so many screens when a film based on a media franchise that still airs on mainstream TV can’t.

InuYasha: The Final Act Won’t Be Headed To YTV February 19, 2011

Here I come, destroying dreams.

It all started on January 3 of this year when Youtube user Mohammad2thaccount, posted this video:

With this description:

ytv schedule :


(ok i ask ytv on facbook if there going to air the final act

and then this guy who works in ytv said no

and then the next day this guy who said no Messages me

said that if u want i can talk to the YTv crew to get your show back

and then i said yes of Course :DDD

then the next day he message and said YESSS your show is going to be aired :))

and also if u want to know if there going to air anyother anime like naruto bleach sailor moon dragon ball z or any other anime show

the answer is no :( only inuyasha TFA is going to be aired

i dont know which time is going to come but

so check in my Description box i put ytv schedule

so that when it does come it will tell u which time i think it will come at 9 or 10pm something)

thanks for watching :) if u have any Q make a common :)

All stating that via a conversation he had with a YTV employee on Facebook he found out that they planned on airing InuYasha: The Final Act on February 19, twelve days from this writing. That doesn’t sound questionable at all. Anyways, from there this rumor began to spread all over the internet, as anime fans hoped for another shot.

InuYasha The Final Act and that's a fact

Viz Media licensed this, and put it on VizAnime.com for streaming. But of course it uses Hulu, so Canadian's are SOLed. D'OH

It doesn’t look like they’ll get that shot any time soon.

The Youtuber is standing by his story that the show will air on the 19th, but Zap2it and logic says it’s a no. Zap2it does not have any mention of an InuYasha broadcast on YTV at all on the 19th, and surronding days. Neither does Corus Entertainment’s (YTV parent company) February, or March 2011 highlights. Granted, as long time followers of the blog will know, those highlights often ignore important shows (like Power Rangers Samurai), but it is unlikely that both the highlights would neglect to mention it, and that YTV.com wouldn’t have a single shred of media related to the show. I can say that YTV won’t be airing this 26 episode sequel series on the 19th.

However, the forever hopeful will recognize that YTV’s Facebook, and Twitter staff have yet to actually deny the rumors of the show airing on the channel. Coupled with the ever looming rumors of an [adult swim] broadcast in the US for the Vancouver based Ocean Studios dub leads to hope. Maybe, or maybe Japan’s YTV will air InuYasha again? Who knows.

Corus inks deal that’ll see Télétoon air Power Rangers Samurai, Teletoon Retro plays host to 700+ previous Power Rangers episodes

No Green Ranger - Superior Episodes

In another issue of the Canadian Power Rangers News Network (I swear, next article will be something different – InuYasha related? Who knows) we find a stunning revelation, Corus Entertainment has purchased not only picked up Power Rangers Samurai to air on Nickelodeon Canada, and later on Télétoon, it has also licensed the broadcast rights to the 700+ episodes of Power Rangers’ franchise for broadcast on both English, and French Teletoon Retro channels. That’s pretty huge, and may be what Saban meant in that quote about Samurai airing on Nicktoons alongside Nickelodeon in North America.

However, it is interesting to note that Teletoon Retro is mandated by the CRTC to air 90% animated programming in its broadcast year, and those 700+ episodes would heavily restrict the terms assuming a daily hour broadcast is given. Currently, there is no estimated broadcast schedule for Power Rangers on Retro, where as Nick Canada will premiere Samurai next week. Could this be Corus waiting to send a revised application for Retro to the CRTC? Teletoon Retro’s current broadcast standards expires August of 2012.

Also interesting to note is that Teletoon Retro is the home for Power Rangers broadcasts. I’ve mentioned before that I feel Nickelodeon Canada is too small a venue for Power Rangers Samurai, could this plant at Retro mean that eventually Samurai will find itself on the English Teletoon ala Transformers airing on Retro ultimately leading to Transformers Prime airing on Teletoon? I don’t know, but an educated guess may point towards that direction.

For those not willing to wait for their nostalgia boost, Power Rangers.com is streaming what fans have voted as their favourite episodes of the 145 days of Power Rangers campaign. No geo-lock – yay!

Hollywood Reporter via Tommy Lawson of Toonzone

Power Rangers Samurai Officially Picked Up By Nickelodeon Canada


Power Ranger Samurai is now confirmed to air on Nickelodeon Canada as a premiere on Friday, February 11 at 8 p.m. ET. Oddly, despite the primetime premiere, Corus Entertainment neglected to mention Power Ranger Samurai in their February highlights entirely. Samurai will be the first series since 2001’s Time Force to not air on Family Channel in Canada. This is due to the change in ownership, originally going to Disney, and now back to Saban.

The press site Corus created gives the description of the series as:

Power Rangers Samurai, features action-filled storylines and a new cast of Rangers, never-before-seen villains, and follows five Rangers who must master the ancient Samurai Symbols of Power which give them control over the elements of Fire, Water, Sky, Forest and Earth. Under the guidance of their all-knowing Samurai mentor, Ji, and with the aid of their devoted animal Zords (Lion, Dragon, Ape, Turtle and Bear), they battle to save Earth from the dark forces of the Netherworld led by the evil Master Xandred.

Honestly, I don’t feel Nickelodeon Canada is a big enough venue for the series. But as I mentioned previously there isn’t really a suitable home for it.

Thanks to commentator Victor for pointing this out!

Power Rangers Samurai to air on Nickelodeon Canada?

Power Rangers Samurai

The acting in some of the show promos are about as good as my French...

Those who religiously follow the blog will remember I previously mentioned the curious situation that the 18th season of Power Rangers would face in this country given the change in ownership. Well, it seems we might have an answer for that, and it isn’t that good.

Last week Saban Brands released a new promo video for Power Rangers Samurai. In this promo video just before the 1:10 mark, the voice over states this:

40 episodes of Power Rangers Samurai are currently in production, and will air on Nickelodeon and Nicktoons in North America.

North America is Canada, the United States, and Mexico. The United States broadcasting Samurai was confirmed when Saban announced the repurchase of the brand, but Mexico’s Nickelodeon affiliate isn’t Mexico-exclusive, but rather the Latin American Nickelodeon service, and wouldn’t be included in that wording. So that only leaves Canada. Granted, this may have been an oversight by Saban Brands, given that the inclusion of Nicktoons Network only applies to the US (as Nickelodeon Canada runner Corus Entertainment does not appear to be planning a launch of a Canadian version any time soon), but that could’ve also just been running time constraints.

It wouldn’t be too surprising to see the show end up on Nick Canada, as other Nickelodeon shows, such as The Troop, T.U.F.F. Puppy, and Planet Sheen have all aired, thus far, exclusively on the channel. But that would be incredibly disapointing to see a relaunch of a beloved property end up on a niche channel, even if the exposue it got there would still be greater than the last few years with its other Canadian broadcaster. With all that said, Nick Canada series have been promoted to YTV in past (sadly, Fanboy & Chum-Chum), so Samurai’s future may not be so bleak. Then again, given how YTV has dropped most of its boy-oriented programming (to the point where Transformers, a brand almost exclusively tied with YTV has been sent to Teletoon), I’m not really sure where they could air it in a place where it could succeed.

Curious to note, Nick in the United States posted a promo video onto their iTunes page. That’s absent in Canada, but all that really says is that we won’t be getting it exactly as the American broadcast (which premieres February 7) airs. Although, if Corus follows the trend set by T.U.F.F. Puppy, and Planet Sheen, we won’t be waiting too long. Given that their February highlights were released without a mention of spandex wearing super heroes, I’d say March at the earliest.

The video in question can be seen below:

ReBoot Season 1 & 2 Complete Collection to be released March 1, 2011, Mainframe Collector’s Edition Detailed

Shout! Factory has announced a March 1, 2011 release date for their first ReBoot DVD release. The set will contain the first 23 episodes, which comprise the first and second season, and retail for $29.93. This set will be divided over 4 separate DVDs, and contain various extras, such as special commentary by producer Christopher Brough, designer and storyboard artist Blair Peters and animator Zeke Norton. The set for season three and four will be released later this year.

The Matrix of Leadership Edition

Later this year will also see another new ReBoot release, ReBoot: The Definitive Mainframe Edition Complete Series DVD box. The 9-DVD set will contain more than 18 hours which is the the entire series, and all the extra features the season sets include. On top of that the set will include a special 24-page collectible book and a limited-edition lenticular collectors card of Dot’s diner. This limited release will be available on March 1, 2011 Shout! Factory’s online store, before hitting mass retail later this year. This set is likely to set you back at least $70. Canadians interested should note that Shout! has a special $9.99 shipping rate, but due to some errors, this price will only apply if only one copy of just the complete collection is in your basket.