Funimation to release a potential Ocean redub of Dragon Ball Z on DVD?

FN01204 This is going to be a long post … Following an early leak via solicitations, AAA Anime, a distributor of official anime merchandise to independent retailers in North America has put up a rather interesting listing, titled “Dragon Ball Z: Season 1 Saiyan Saga (DVD Box Set) (Ocean Dub) (DVDs)“. Funimation is no stranger to re-releasing Dragon Ball Z, but this one in particular is almost baffling. AAA Anime’s description of the release:

From Funimation! The original 29 episodes of Dragonball Z have been redubbed by the fan-favorite Ocean team! Here’s where it all started! Goku learns of his alien heritage when his brother arrives on Earth and kidnaps Gohan! After a battle that costs Goku’s life, Piccolo takes Gohan into the wild country for special training and the rest of the Earth’s defenders gather to train for the arrival of two more Saiyans: Nappa and Vegeta!

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Digimon Fusion heads to Nickelodeon in the US, YTV broadcast in Canada pending?

Digimon_FusionDigimon Fusion has been confirmed for broadcast on Nickelodeon in the United States. This is a surprise for a variety of reasons, firstly, Nickelodeon proper rarely airs acquired programming, even less of that being anime (you’d have to go back to early 00s with Speed Racer X to find the last instance of proper Japan produced animation on the network if memory serves) and secondly, the franchise’s licensor, Saban Brands, owns the Vortexx block on The CW. Many thought the company would emulate nostalgia of the 90s by premiering new episodes of the series on their weekly Saturday morning network block, just as Saban Entertainment did with Digimon on FOX Kids back in the 90s/early 00s. Continue reading

Alternate Canadian produced Dragon Ball Kai dub still missing in action

This blog has a few reoccurring topics. Those who’ve been following it since the beginning likely know more about Beyblade than they normally would care to, likewise for Pokemon. However, today’s topic is neither merch based series as we’re going back to the world of Dragon Ball Kai. Fans in the United Kingdom rejoiced when earlier this year Toei Animation announced that they reached an agreement with CSC Media to see Goku and friends on British TV once again. Interestingly, this announcement didn’t just draw the attention of UK based Dragon Ball fans, as it drew the attention of the entire English fandom. You see, back in the day people in the UK were treated to the same alternate English dubs of Dragon Ball, Z, and GT produced in Canada that followers of this blog will remember airing on YTV. Specifically, the alternate Z dub had the Vancouver based Ocean dub cast from the 1996 Funimation produced Dragon Ball Z dub, with the original Dragon Ball series, and GT being the domain of Calgary’s Blue Water. What does that have to do with Kai? Well, an alternate Canadian produced dub for the series had long been thought to be in production, with evidence coming from voice actors allegedly associated with the project saying it exists, to Ocean staff being credited in the TV edit of Funimation’s US dub, and lastly to the simple fact that the same countries that aired the alternate DB/Z/GT dubs were the same countries that had yet to see Funimation’s Kai dub on TV. That was about to change as Kai had finally been picked up in the UK. So fans anxiously waited for the series to air on Kixx, hoping to see the first glimpse of this alternate dub in a promo set to debut this past Saturday. They got their wish:

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Metal Fight Beyblade: Zero-G becomes Beyblade: Shogun Steel internationally, second season of Beywheelz confirmed

shogun steel

Unsurprisingly, an English dub for Metal Fight Beyblade: Zero-G has been confirmed. Nelvana announced that the series would be released internationally under the title, Beyblade: Shogun Steel, in their MIPCOM 2012 report. In it the company also confirms an additional 13 episode second season for the western exclusive Beyblade spinoff, Beywheelz. Continue reading

Thundercats 2011 picked up by Teletoon, sneak peek this Friday

Despite the fact that by this point, Studio 4C and Warner Brothers Animation’s Thundercats reboot has already been canceled Teletoon have announced that they’ve picked up the 26 episode series. A special sneak peek this Friday, November 16 at 7:30 p.m. ET/PT. The show isn’t scheduled for a broadcast within the rest of November, so expect a December start date at the earliest. This acquisition isn’t exactly shocking news given Teletoon airs pretty much everything WBA produces, and Teletoon Retro has already aired the original series. Teletoon’s just a little late to the party is all. Continue reading

Pokémon the Movie: Kyurem vs. The Sword of Justice to air on YTV December 8th at 4PM

Another year, another Pokemon movie. The Official Pokemon Facebook page have announced that Pokémon the Movie: Kyurem vs. The Sword of Justice will be airing on YTV, alongside the US Cartoon Network premiere on December 8th. The Official Pokemon website describes the film’s plot as:

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Nelvana picks up preschool anime Paboo & Mojies

I’m a bit late on this, as earlier in the week Nelvana picked up a Japanese anime series from SEGA Toys, and Daewon Media called Paboo & Mojies. The 26 episode half hour series is aimed at a preschool audience and stars our titular panda, Paboo as learn a lesson each day. That reminds me of a certain other Nelvana anime series starring pandas … Here is the description Nelvana gave Paboo & Mojies for their MIPCOM booth:

Direct from Japan, Nelvana welcomes you to Mojies Town – a magical land filled with Mojies – where letters and learning combine to create laughter for all! Paboo is a fun loving and curious boy panda, and he and his group of larger-than-life friends explore and problem-solve in their quirky, imaginative and sometimes zany world! Each episode sees the Mojies (Japanese for letters of the alphabet) and Maki (the Mojies book fairy of course!) help Paboo to discover the Magic Word and solve the problem of the day! Paboo & Mojies is a top-rated show in Japan (BS Fuji TV) and will treat an international audience to real Japanese characters, animation and storytelling that could only come from Japan. For preschoolers. 26 x half-hour episodes (52 x 11-minute segments)

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