Thundercats 2011 picked up by Teletoon, sneak peek this Friday

Despite the fact that by this point, Studio 4C and Warner Brothers Animation’s Thundercats reboot has already been canceled Teletoon have announced that they’ve picked up the 26 episode series. A special sneak peek this Friday, November 16 at 7:30 p.m. ET/PT. The show isn’t scheduled for a broadcast within the rest of November, so expect a December start date at the earliest. This acquisition isn’t exactly shocking news given Teletoon airs pretty much everything WBA produces, and Teletoon Retro has already aired the original series. Teletoon’s just a little late to the party is all. Continue reading

Pokémon the Movie: Kyurem vs. The Sword of Justice to air on YTV December 8th at 4PM

Another year, another Pokemon movie. The Official Pokemon Facebook page have announced that Pokémon the Movie: Kyurem vs. The Sword of Justice will be airing on YTV, alongside the US Cartoon Network premiere on December 8th. The Official Pokemon website describes the film’s plot as:

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Nelvana picks up preschool anime Paboo & Mojies

I’m a bit late on this, as earlier in the week Nelvana picked up a Japanese anime series from SEGA Toys, and Daewon Media called Paboo & Mojies. The 26 episode half hour series is aimed at a preschool audience and stars our titular panda, Paboo as learn a lesson each day. That reminds me of a certain other Nelvana anime series starring pandas … Here is the description Nelvana gave Paboo & Mojies for their MIPCOM booth:

Direct from Japan, Nelvana welcomes you to Mojies Town – a magical land filled with Mojies – where letters and learning combine to create laughter for all! Paboo is a fun loving and curious boy panda, and he and his group of larger-than-life friends explore and problem-solve in their quirky, imaginative and sometimes zany world! Each episode sees the Mojies (Japanese for letters of the alphabet) and Maki (the Mojies book fairy of course!) help Paboo to discover the Magic Word and solve the problem of the day! Paboo & Mojies is a top-rated show in Japan (BS Fuji TV) and will treat an international audience to real Japanese characters, animation and storytelling that could only come from Japan. For preschoolers. 26 x half-hour episodes (52 x 11-minute segments)

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YTV’s Fall 2012 highlights include Beywheelz and Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles

YTV has announced their fall 2012 programming highlights, and there may just be some things people who read this blog would be interested in! YTV has picked up Wipeout! Yay! Okay, not so yay since it’s the game show where people attempt to do weird stunts like it was an episode of MxC/Takeshi’s Castle instead of the awesome PlayStation racer. It’s a pick up that makes sense though, since the channel once created their own kids version of the show in Splatalot. But the picks up readers here are going to be most interested in are these two:

BEYWHEELZ is the story of a new lineage of BEYBLADES, one that evolved separately out of the very same star that gave birth to traditional BEYBLADES. In the world of BEYWHEELZ, a conflict is brewing. An evil army known only as The Dominators is set on conquering and controlling the world. It is up to Team Estrella, a group of the world’s best Wheelers to come together in a fight for their world’s freedom. The world of BEYWHEELZ is not as simple as it looks – dark secrets lurk beneath the surface. BEYWHEELZ: Powered by BEYBLADE premieres Saturday, September 8 at 11:30 a.m.

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The Teletoon family of networks announce their Fall 2012 highlights

It’s that time of year again where I make a big fuss about little things! Teletoon and its related sister channels announced their Fall 2012 lineup yesterday. As per the norm I’ll go through some highlights for each network/major block and then offer my opinion on the situation as a whole. We’ll start off with the network that started it all, Teletoon: Continue reading

Looks like Beyblade Zero-G will be spinning in North America in 2013, Beywheelz detailed inside

In a move that shouldn’t shock anyone given Nelvana staff are once again listed in the show’s Japanese credits, it appears that Metal Fight Beyblade Zero-G will be heading westward in 2013. The revelation came in the latest issue of Nelvana’s Beyblade Buzz newsletter and their MIPTV flyer.

In both cases Nelvana says a fourth season of Beyblade is set for broadcasters in Fall 2013. This will be following the upcomming broadcasts of the third season of the show, titled Metal Fury in North America, and the western exclusive BeyWheelz spinoff. Speaking of which, toy licensee Hasbro posted a trailer for the latter on their official Beyblade Youtube channel: Continue reading

Kabillion gives us a taste of English Scan2Go

MoonScoop Entertainment’s (the Code Lyoko people) Video on Demand service Kabillion is currently streaming the first three episodes of Scan2go, a new anime series licensed by Cookie Jar Entertainment. The series is actually global co-production spanning from the Middle Eastern toy company NewBoy, Korean broadcasting company SBS, Korean Stone Bridge Capital, to Japan’s d-rights. The show follows Kaz Gordon, the leading Scan2Go driver on Earth attempting to put his planet on the galactic racing map. The show’s directed by The show’s English version was produced by Calgary’s own Blue Water Studios, and stars some of the cast from the recent Card Fight Vanguard English dub (which you can see here). It has already secured a broadcast in the US via Cartoon Network, though a Canadian broadcast partner is pending. Bratz toy maker MGA Entertainment has been tapped as the show’s toy licensee in North, and Latin America. Check out the first episode, “Going for Number 1”: Continue reading