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Digimon Fusion heads to Nickelodeon in the US, YTV broadcast in Canada pending?

Digimon_FusionDigimon Fusion has been confirmed for broadcast on Nickelodeon in the United States. This is a surprise for a variety of reasons, firstly, Nickelodeon proper rarely airs acquired programming, even less of that being anime (you’d have to go back to early 00s with Speed Racer X to find the last instance of proper Japan produced animation on the network if memory serves) and secondly, the franchise’s licensor, Saban Brands, owns the Vortexx block on The CW. Many thought the company would emulate nostalgia of the 90s by premiering new episodes of the series on their weekly Saturday morning network block, just as Saban Entertainment did with Digimon on FOX Kids back in the 90s/early 00s. Continue reading


Kabillion gives us a taste of English Scan2Go

MoonScoop Entertainment’s (the Code Lyoko people) Video on Demand service Kabillion is currently streaming the first three episodes of Scan2go, a new anime series licensed by Cookie Jar Entertainment. The series is actually global co-production spanning from the Middle Eastern toy company NewBoy, Korean broadcasting company SBS, Korean Stone Bridge Capital, to Japan’s d-rights. The show follows Kaz Gordon, the leading Scan2Go driver on Earth attempting to put his planet on the galactic racing map. The show’s directed by The show’s English version was produced by Calgary’s own Blue Water Studios, and stars some of the cast from the recent Card Fight Vanguard English dub (which you can see here). It has already secured a broadcast in the US via Cartoon Network, though a Canadian broadcast partner is pending. Bratz toy maker MGA Entertainment has been tapped as the show’s toy licensee in North, and Latin America. Check out the first episode, “Going for Number 1”: Continue reading

InuYasha: The Final Act Won’t Be Headed To YTV February 19, 2011

Here I come, destroying dreams.

It all started on January 3 of this year when Youtube user Mohammad2thaccount, posted this video:

With this description:

ytv schedule :

(ok i ask ytv on facbook if there going to air the final act

and then this guy who works in ytv said no

and then the next day this guy who said no Messages me

said that if u want i can talk to the YTv crew to get your show back

and then i said yes of Course :DDD

then the next day he message and said YESSS your show is going to be aired :))

and also if u want to know if there going to air anyother anime like naruto bleach sailor moon dragon ball z or any other anime show

the answer is no :( only inuyasha TFA is going to be aired

i dont know which time is going to come but

so check in my Description box i put ytv schedule

so that when it does come it will tell u which time i think it will come at 9 or 10pm something)

thanks for watching :) if u have any Q make a common :)

All stating that via a conversation he had with a YTV employee on Facebook he found out that they planned on airing InuYasha: The Final Act on February 19, twelve days from this writing. That doesn’t sound questionable at all. Anyways, from there this rumor began to spread all over the internet, as anime fans hoped for another shot.

InuYasha The Final Act and that's a fact

Viz Media licensed this, and put it on for streaming. But of course it uses Hulu, so Canadian's are SOLed. D'OH

It doesn’t look like they’ll get that shot any time soon.

The Youtuber is standing by his story that the show will air on the 19th, but Zap2it and logic says it’s a no. Zap2it does not have any mention of an InuYasha broadcast on YTV at all on the 19th, and surronding days. Neither does Corus Entertainment’s (YTV parent company) February, or March 2011 highlights. Granted, as long time followers of the blog will know, those highlights often ignore important shows (like Power Rangers Samurai), but it is unlikely that both the highlights would neglect to mention it, and that wouldn’t have a single shred of media related to the show. I can say that YTV won’t be airing this 26 episode sequel series on the 19th.

However, the forever hopeful will recognize that YTV’s Facebook, and Twitter staff have yet to actually deny the rumors of the show airing on the channel. Coupled with the ever looming rumors of an [adult swim] broadcast in the US for the Vancouver based Ocean Studios dub leads to hope. Maybe, or maybe Japan’s YTV will air InuYasha again? Who knows.

Toronto television legend Mark Dailey passes away at 57

When people think of Citytv, there’s a saying they directly associate with it, “Citytv… everywhere”, and Mark Dailey was the voice behind that saying. The Citytv Toronto 11PM news host was the voice of the channel for almost its entire history, and to many, he was the voice of the city. Which is understandable, as his deep yet gentle voice welcomed viewers to a variety of City’s programming, from their movies, to as mentioned before, the news casts. He also leant his voice to a variety of characters in the animation world, such as Brad Best in Beyblade, Rokusho in Medabots, and Crag in the Ripping Friends. He lost second battle with cancer this afternoon. Television in Toronto will never be quite the same.

CBC News – Canada – Mark Dailey of Citytv dies of Cancer

Corus and Hasbro ink deal that’ll see Hub series in Canada

Be a hero!

Surprise, surprise, Hasbro Studios and Corus Entertainment have reached an agreement which will see Corus Entertainment’s children networks (YTV, Treehouse, Nick Canada, Teletoon, and Teletoon Retro) become the exclusive Canadian home for Hasbro Studios productions. This agreement includes series such as Transformers: Prime, GI Joe: Renegades, and My Little Pony (don’t laugh) among many others. All of these programs reside on the US based television channel, The Hub, a joint network created by Hasbro and Discovery Communications aimed towards families. The channel replaced the failed Discovery Kids in the US (Corus Entertainment launched Discovery Kids Canada, to have it replaced by Nickelodeon Canada last year).

Corus picking these series up isn’t surprising. Hasbro and Corus have a long history together, a history that includes series like Beasties/Beast Wars, Beyblade (a Nelvana production that has Hasbro as the toy license owner), to even the likes of Idaten Jump (oh don’t deny it, you remember this cross-dimensional bike race series!). The real question lies within which venue these shows will end up on. Transformers is typically something YTV has aired, and very well may air again, although there lacks a proper venue for the program outside of shoe-horning it on Saturdays. My Little Pony’s previous incarnations have aired on Teletoon, but damn if that show doesn’t just scream current YTV. GI Joe is also another toss up. While GI Joe: Sigma 6 aired in full on YTV, the more recent older youth aimed GI Joe: Resolute aired on Teletoon. The Hub in question is a lot more similar to YTV than Teletoon. Both target families with programming such as sitcom repeats, game shows, etc.

While no launch date for these series were mentioned, given the lack of them being in the December highlights, it appears they will all be 2011 series.

Teletoon Fall 2010 Video Reel

Here’s a quick video reel of Teletoon’s Fall 2010 pick ups. The standouts are the FX comedy Archer, and the world premiere of The Avengers animated series. Interesting to note is that previously mentioned ‘My Life Me’, is not listed anywhere. However, there are a few TBA slots.

Pretty Cure Season Finale July 31 on YTV


Group shot of Toei's Pretty Cure Season One's Cure White and Cure Black

Remember Pretty Cure, Toei and Bandai’s attempt to launch another accessory franchise in the vein of Digimon, but for girls? Well, it aired on YTV sporadically for the past two years with a dub produced by Calgary’s Blue Water, that was never seen anywhere else. Now on Saturday, July 31 the first season will conclude on YTV with a marathon of the final five episodes (which may be the last we see of these magical girls):

2:00PM- Episode 45: Choir Chaos
2:30PM- Episode 46: A New Year Debacle
3:00PM- Episode 47: The Dark Zone Expedition
3:30PM- Episode 48: Evil vs Evil
4:00PM- Episode 49: Fight for the Future

YTV Schedule

Thanks to Anime Ash of the forums for pointing this out.