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YTV will premiere B-Daman: Crossfire on September 7th

I was a bit perplexed by some omissions in YTV, and Teletoon’s fall programming highlights this year but didn’t really care enough about the shows to write a post about them. I wasn’t expecting a Canadian rendition of [adult swim]‘s Toonami or anything, but seemingly safe bet children’s anime like Digimon: Fusion, B-Daman: Crossfire, and Tenkai Knights were no where to be seen despite pending product and US broadcast launches. It appears that at least one of those is making a debut this side of the border. Internet scheduling giant Zap2it! lists a September 7th broadcast at 1:30PM Eastern by the title of “Battle B-Daman” on YTV. I’m going to assume that the channel will not be airing a 22 minute toy commercial from ten years ago, but rather it’s a mix up for the newest B-Daman series, B-Daman: Crossfire. Crossfire launched in the US on The CW’s Vortexx Saturday morning block on August 17th.
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Beyblade: Shogun Steel premieres this Saturday on YTV

As one of the two remaining anime series on YTV, and therefore mainstream Canadian television I guess this is an important thing to note. The next season/series in the Beyblade: Metal ___ reboot launches this Saturday at 11:30AM ET. Rather than a direct followup to Beyblade: Metal Fury, Shogun Steel stars new blader Zyro Hagane with the Metal ___ cast in mentor-ship roles as they’ve been aged up. It’s important to note that this is the final season of the modern Beyblade reboot to air in Japan, but don’t worry as we know Nelvana’s got more original spinoffs on the way. Continue reading

Discotek Media will release Cybersix on DVD in 2014

This is a pretty wild coincidence as just a few weeks ago I was thinking about how awesome it would be if Discotek released Cybersix on DVD. The long time supporter of classic anime titles announced a 2014 release for the 13 episode series on Facebook. The 1999 television show was adapted from an Argentinian comic book series of the same name by Japanese animation studio TMS. Cybersix had a brief run on FOX Kids in the U.S. but will mostly be remembered as an iconic series on Teletoon in the late 90s and early 00s. If you’re reading this blog you’re likely familiar with the show, so there’s no point in a plot synopsis here. Continue reading

Télétoon Rétro adds UFO Robot Grendizer aka Goldorak


The French Teletoon Retro feed will be adding Go Nagai’s Grendizer this September. The third entry in the Mazinger franchise dates back to 1975 with the show’s 74 episode run concluding in 1977. A French dub of the show began broadcast in Quebec in the 1980s under the title of Goldorak. Carole Bonneau, Vice President Programming at Télétoon Rétro has said that the show was often requested for the network. Grendizer follows Duke Fleed, a survivor of the Vega Star raised on Earth as he fights back against the Vega invasion with his titular robot.
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Alternate Canadian produced Dragon Ball Kai dub still missing in action

This blog has a few reoccurring topics. Those who’ve been following it since the beginning likely know more about Beyblade than they normally would care to, likewise for Pokemon. However, today’s topic is neither merch based series as we’re going back to the world of Dragon Ball Kai. Fans in the United Kingdom rejoiced when earlier this year Toei Animation announced that they reached an agreement with CSC Media to see Goku and friends on British TV once again. Interestingly, this announcement didn’t just draw the attention of UK based Dragon Ball fans, as it drew the attention of the entire English fandom. You see, back in the day people in the UK were treated to the same alternate English dubs of Dragon Ball, Z, and GT produced in Canada that followers of this blog will remember airing on YTV. Specifically, the alternate Z dub had the Vancouver based Ocean dub cast from the 1996 Funimation produced Dragon Ball Z dub, with the original Dragon Ball series, and GT being the domain of Calgary’s Blue Water. What does that have to do with Kai? Well, an alternate Canadian produced dub for the series had long been thought to be in production, with evidence coming from voice actors allegedly associated with the project saying it exists, to Ocean staff being credited in the TV edit of Funimation’s US dub, and lastly to the simple fact that the same countries that aired the alternate DB/Z/GT dubs were the same countries that had yet to see Funimation’s Kai dub on TV. That was about to change as Kai had finally been picked up in the UK. So fans anxiously waited for the series to air on Kixx, hoping to see the first glimpse of this alternate dub in a promo set to debut this past Saturday. They got their wish:

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YTV’s Fall 2012 highlights include Beywheelz and Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles

YTV has announced their fall 2012 programming highlights, and there may just be some things people who read this blog would be interested in! YTV has picked up Wipeout! Yay! Okay, not so yay since it’s the game show where people attempt to do weird stunts like it was an episode of MxC/Takeshi’s Castle instead of the awesome PlayStation racer. It’s a pick up that makes sense though, since the channel once created their own kids version of the show in Splatalot. But the picks up readers here are going to be most interested in are these two:

BEYWHEELZ is the story of a new lineage of BEYBLADES, one that evolved separately out of the very same star that gave birth to traditional BEYBLADES. In the world of BEYWHEELZ, a conflict is brewing. An evil army known only as The Dominators is set on conquering and controlling the world. It is up to Team Estrella, a group of the world’s best Wheelers to come together in a fight for their world’s freedom. The world of BEYWHEELZ is not as simple as it looks – dark secrets lurk beneath the surface. BEYWHEELZ: Powered by BEYBLADE premieres Saturday, September 8 at 11:30 a.m.

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Fullmetal Alchemist: The Sacred Star of Milos goes nationwide January 15th, and 19th

Happy 2012, do you know what’s my New Year’s resolution? To become less of a procrastinator. One might ask why, well, this post is about something I’ve known for a good long while, the Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood film is going to be showcased nation-wide in Canada on the 15th, and 19th. Once again courtesy of our friends at Funimation, and Cineplex, who are making quite the habit of nationwide Canadian releases. Continue reading

Pokémon The Movie: White – Victini and Zekrom and Pokémon The Movie: Black – Victini and Reshiram not coming to theatres in Canada

Joining the Yu-Gi-Oh! gang, Ash and Pikachu’s latest theatrical adventure unfortunately won’t be taking flight in Canada, despite the recently announced 2-day nationwide US event in December. I have confirmed with a Cinedigm representative that the showcases are indeed US-only for a variety or reasons. Pokemon fans are just going to have to bask in the Black & White YTV broadcast, and watch the latest film release on DVD. Continue reading

Funimation holding Canadian survey to find out online, and TV habits ends Sunday

Funimation Entertainment, the leading distributor of anime in North America, is conducting an online survey targeted exclusively at the Canadian market. This is rare, as I don’t believe outside of the occasional convention visit that Canadian anime fans have been singled out for a response.

This survey asks about collecting, shopping, and viewing habits. The most interesting question, in my opinion is #14 “What Canadian TV channels should carry Anime? Why?”. I found this to be a great opportunity to voice my displeasure over the recent broadcast news regarding Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood in Canada. I suggest all of my readers to voice their opinion on this survey. The survey will close on Sunday August 14, 2011.

No, I didn’t ask for the Funimation Channel to be available to Canadians, because I suspect that would do us no better than Superchannel.

Thanks goes to Sitting on an Atomic Bomb writer, Jesse Betteridge, for pointing this out in our Facebook group!

Trigun: Badlands Rumble Canadian Theatre List Announced

Presented in Japanese, with English subtitles, Funimation and Cineplex Odeon continue their trend of bringing anime-films Canadian anime fans shouldn’t really care about to a theatre near you! Okay, that’s not entirely fair as Trigun did receive a Canadian broadcast on G4 TechTV back in the Anime Current days, but still.

Here’s the entire theatre listing for the June 22, one night-only screening:

Scotiabank Theatre Chinook
6455 Macleod trail S.W

Cineplex Odeon South Edmonton
1525-99th St. N.W.

Scotiabank Theatre Edmonton
#3030, 8882-170 Street

EMPIRE Theatres City Centre 9 Cinemas
10200 102nd Avenue

Galaxy Cinemas Lethbridge
501-1st Avenue S.W.

SilverCity Cross Iron Mills & XSCAPE
Unit #528, 261055 Cross Iron Blvd.
Rocky View

SilverCity Metropolis
4700 Kingsway Ave

SilverCity Coquitlam
170 Schoolhouse Street

Galaxy Cinemas Nanaimo
213 – 4750 Rutherford Rd

SilverCity Riverport
14211 Entertainment Way

Cineplex Odeon International Village
88 West Pender Street, 3rd Floor

SilverCity Tillicum Victoria
3130 Tillicum Road

SilverCity Polo Park
817 ST. James

SilverCity Ancaster
771 Golf Links Road

Galaxy Cinemas Barrie
72 Commerce Park Drive

SilverCity Brampton
50 Great Lakes DR.

Galaxy Cinemas Brantford
300 King George Road

SilverCity Burlington
1250 Brant Street

Cineplex Odeon Queensway
1025 The Queensway

Galaxy Cinemas Guelph
485 Woodlawn Rd West

Cineplex Odeon Gardiner’s Road
626 Gardiner’s Road

SilverCity London
1680 Richmond Street, P.O. Box 23

Cineplex Odeon First Markham
3275 Hwy 7

EMPIRE Studio 10 at Square One – #91
100 City Centre Drive

Cineplex Odeon Niagara Square
7555 Montrose Road
Niagara Falls

Galaxy Cinemas North Bay
300 Lakeshore Dr.
North Bay

Cineplex Odeon Oshawa
1351 Grandview Street North

SilverCity Gloucester
2385 City Park Drive

SilverCity Richmond Hill
8725 Yonge Street
Richmond Hill

Coliseum Scarborough
Scarborough Town Centre , 300 Borough Drive, Unit 765

SilverCity Fairview Mall
1800 Sheppard Avenue East, Unit Y007

Scotiabank Theatre Toronto
259 Richmond Street West

Galaxy Cinemas Waterloo
550 King St. N.

SilverCity Windsor
4611 Walker Road

Scotiabank Theatre Montreal
977 Ste-Catherine West

Cineplex Odeon Ste. Foy
1200 Boul. Duplessis

Galaxy Cinemas Moose Jaw
1235 Main Street N
Moose Jaw

Galaxy Cinemas Regina
420 McCarthy Blvd N. Unit 26

Galaxy Cinemas Saskatoon
347 2nd Avenue S.

EMPIRE Studio 10 Regent Mall
1381 Regent Street

EMPIRE 18 Cinemas & Imax Theatre – Bayers Lake
190 Chain Lake Drive

EMPIRE Studio 12 – #26
48 Kenmount Road
St. John’s

To make sure you’re up to date on any theatre additions, or changes make sure to keep your eyes peeled on the Cineplex, and Funimation pages.


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