Canadian Adult Swim Channel launch lineup revealed, app gets discontinued

Corus Entertainment’s Action is just weeks away from being re-branded into the world’s first 24/7 Adult Swim channel. Things kick off at 6AM on April 1st with the Canadian television debut of the third Rick & Morty season. New to Canada describes nearly every Adult Swim-original scheduled for day-1. This includes the fifth and sixth seasons of Samurai Jack and Venture Bros., respectively; last year’s Harvey Birdman and 12 Oz. Mouse TV specials, as well as shows that have never aired here before, like Infomercials (not the Dr. Ho kind), Joe Pera Talks with You, Decker: Unclassified, The Eric Andre Show, Off The Air, The Jellies, Dream Corp, LLC, Your Pretty Face Is Going to Hell, The Greatest Event in Television History, Mr. Pickles, Tim & Eric’s Bedtime Stories, and Mostly 4 Millennials.

The rest of the week will see Archer, Black Jesus, The Cleveland Show, King of the Hill, Lazor Wulf, Loiter Squad, Neon Joe: Werewolf Hunter, The Shivering Truth, Space Ghost: Coast to Coast, Tigtone, and Tropical Cop Tales join the lineup. Lazor Wulf is particularly notable, as it’ll be the first show the Canadian Adult Swim channel airs simultaneously with the United States. The series starts April 7th (going into the 8th) at midnight.

Most shows have lots of slots and there’s so much going on that trying to do a breakdown of premieres for each would be crazy. Just consult TV Passport’s show pages. Sunday does seem to be the big night for Adult Swim Canada. That’s where you’ll find premieres of Samurai Jack (10PM), The Shivering Truth (10:30PM), Robot Chicken (11PM – I think season 8 is new to Canada?), Rick & Morty (11:30PM), Lazor Wulf (12AM), Tigtone (12:30AM), Mr. Pickles (12:45AM) and Venture Bros. (1AM).

The first four seasons of Samurai Jack are getting a weekday strip at 8AM, which makes sense. Other daytime choices … seem a little brave. The Canadian Broadcast Standards Council might be the most excited for this channel.

While the first window of programming is Cancon-free, a Burger King sponsored commercial suggests shows like Knuckleheads (Têtes à claques) and Fugget About It will be making their way over eventually. Corus is also bringing some other old Teletoon At Night faves, like … live-action comedy films. Old School, Central Intelligence as well as Starsky & Hutch are some of the first movies set for weekend airings.

Adult Swim will be available for a two-month free preview from April 1 to May 31, 2019. Viewers will also be able to watch full episodes On Demand free until January 2020.

In related news, Turner has officially announced that it’s discontinuing the Canadian Adult Swim subscription video-on-demand service. Operations will shutdown on May 20, 2019. The app was removed from Google Play and iTunes last November, but was still functional to those that had downloaded it. Ran directly by Turner and aimed specifically at Canadians, it initially launched in March 2016 offering nearly the entire catalog of internal Adult Swim productions for $3.99/month. While the content was usually refreshed, the app itself hadn’t received an update since 2016 and as a result became incompatible with newer devices.

Tied to all of this, is the seemingly recent decision to region lock all linear-original content on While there’s always been restrictions on the site, even things that once were available to stream here, like the FLCL sequels, are now blocking Canadian IPs.

Corus doesn’t have its own streaming platform and has been stingy on sharing full episodes for free on their websites since they decided to gut most of them. is currently just a teaser page, so maybe it’ll be a different story. I wouldn’t be surprised if they launch a cable login required VOD option.

As for Teletoon, the channel’s post-At Night lineup looks to be as uneventful as expected. Hopefully the fall will see that change.

Thanks Onfy.
All times listed in eastern.

  1. I do hope that Black Dynamite (the series) will air on [adult swim] Canada.

  2. What would it be like for Teletoon’s late-night programming slot in the fall?

    • Emperor Fred
    • March 22nd, 2019

    But as expected, no Toonami, eh? Not even a little FLCL Progressive/Alternative? Hopefully, that may change once the Toonami/Crunchyroll corporate partnership starts to take shape.

  3. But what about TAN’s original programming?

    • Did you not see Fugget About It and Knuckleheads in that promo I linked to? They’ll be back eventually.

      • I know that but I just wanted to explain something about these shows airing on TAN.

      • Wanted to explain what? Teletoon at Night is ending. Starting April 1st, the channel’s 24/7 lineup will consist exclusively of child-friendly shows. All adult animation is moving to the Adult Swim channel. At launch, its content will consist exclusively of U.S. shows, but Teletoon at Night’s former original productions are expected to trickle in the near future.

        No, I do not know exactly when Teletoon at Night’s originals will air on Adult Swim. Nor do I know if Teletoon will ever air adult animation again.

  4. I hope they will air Dragon Ball Super. It’s almost at the part where Goku goes Ultra Instinct

  5. Somehow this re-branding completely evaded my attention until now.

    On one hand, I haven’t been able to watch much of anything Adult Swim-related since the days when Teletoon was still a basic cable channel back when I still had Rogers analogue cable, so that much is good news.

    On the other hand, Action was one of the only dedicated movie channels I had in my Bell Fibe bundle so I’ll miss watching movies on it late at night, even if there was usually only a 50% chance that what was being shown when I tuned in was an actual movie and not a lame prank show that I guess was mainly on there to fulfill their Canadian Content quota.

    I also have a sneaking suspicion that my access to the Adult Swim channel will go away after the two-month preview is over even though I was able to watch the Action channel that preceded it without paying extra.

  6. Will Teletoon still air kids shows during the nighttime hours when their schedule changes in the fall?

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