Mega Man: Fully Charged set for September on Family CHRGD

TV Passport is listing the Canadian premiere of Mega Man: Fully Charged on Family CHRGD for Saturday, September 8th at 8:30 AM, with an encore airing set for 12:40 PM. An additional new episode will also air on Sunday in the same time slots. Both are half-hour.

Produced by Dentsu Entertainment, DHX Media, Man of Action and Capcom, Mega Man: Fully Charged debuted in the United States on August 3rd. The 52 episode x 11-minute series is animated by DHX Studios Vancouver (the combined Studio B and Nerd Corps) and features Vincent Tong as the lead Aki Light/Mega Man, with Caitlyn Bairstow as his human sister Suna Light. Other cast members include Garry Chalk as Dr. Light, Ryan Beil as Mega Mini, Cole Howard as Bert Wily, and Michael Adamthwaite as Sgt. Night. Gino Nichele directed the series, with Steffan Andrews providing the chiptunes-infused score.

Aki Light is a regular, upbeat, robot schoolboy. He lives in the futuristic world of Silicon City, co-inhabited by robots and humans. But this robot boy has a secret… Deep within his programming lie protocols that can transform him into the powerful hero, Mega Man! When the villainous Sgt. Night and his evil team of Robot Masters emerge with ill-intentions, Mega Man dedicates himself to protecting the citizens of Silicon City. Equipped with his Mega Buster arm cannon and the ability to absorb the powers of his opponents, he bravely battles the wickedest of villains. In this brand new series inspired by the iconic Mega Man video game, comical, action-packed adventures abound as we follow the journey of Aki Light and his alter-ego, Mega Man, as he strives to balance life as an ordinary robot boy AND an amazing superhero.

Dentsu originally announced the series in June 2015. DHX got on-board as co-producer, distributor and licensor (excluding Asia) the following year. The series is very much a reinterpretation of the classic blue bomber’s mythos, with Man of Action stating that came as a direct request from Capcom. The show features both old Robot Masters and new, with some twists on their characterizations. While Cartoon Network has been cold to the show (giving it a largely unadvertised 6:30 AM Sunday slot and an equally unacknowledged run on Boomerang), they hold some influence on the show’s content.

DHX’s most recent press release for the series stated that Mega Man: Fully Charged would air on Family Channel this fall, though it was originally earmarked for CHRGD back in March 2017. I guess “Charged on CHRGD” was just too obvious to pass up. DHX tends to spread its internal productions across its channels, so don’t be shocked if the series makes its way to the main channel eventually. Maybe when the Jakks Pacific toyline is about to hit retail? If you don’t get CHRGD, the channel typically uploads full episodes onto its website for free, without a cable login. The show will fit right in alongside its other video games turned CG-series like Pac-Man and the Ghostly Adventures and Sonic Boom.

While Mega Man as a property is far from new to television animation, they are a bit of a rare sight on Canadian television. As far as I can tell, the original Ruby-Spears series wasn’t picked up by any local broadcasters, though Canadians might’ve been able catch it through a nearby U.S. TV affiliate who picked it up in syndication. Mega Man: NT Warrior aired in both English and French on the two Teletoon channels in the early 2000s. The short lived dub of Mega Man: Star Force wasn’t picked up here. Coincidentally, that is the sole Mega Man animated series that didn’t have its voice work done in Vancouver.

All times listed in eastern.

Thanks ONFy.

    • azoreseuropa
    • August 27th, 2018

    *VOMIT* It is going to fail terribly less than 3 years. Japan version is the best anime!

    • Logan Clow
    • August 27th, 2018

    I wish CN gave it those timeslots.

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