Nelvana, Spin Master and TMS Entertainment reunite for Bakugan revival

bakugan battle planet 2018 2019 spin master nelvana tms
During the company’s Q1 2018 financial result conference call, Corus Entertainment CEO Doug Murphy announced that the company’s Nelvana subsidiary will collaborate with fellow Canadian company Spin Master and Japanese animation studio TMS Entertainment on a new Bakugan series. The show will be aimed at today’s generation of children. While that’s pretty much all that was shared, he did state the company will announce additional information later this year.

Spin Master Global President and Chief Operating Officer Ben Gadbois stated in November that the new property would launch sometime within 2018 or 2019. The company initially announced plans for a new Bakugan in 2015.

Eagle-eyed fans have spotted what may be the series’ name. Spin Master filed a trademark (USPTO link) for “Bakugan Battle Planet” on November 16th. The company owned the trademarks for the names of the prior animated incarnations. The trademark is listed to be used in a number of product categories, including television shows. This indicates it’s likely a brand name rather than the title of a toy sub-line or tie-in game.

Murphy described the announcement as “putting the band back together” and for good reason. Nelvana originally partnered with Spin Master, TMS Entertainment, Sega Toys and Japan Vistec to unveil the Bakugan franchise in October 2006. The show and toyline then launched in Japan and Canada the following year, with other markets, like the United States, receiving it in 2008. The property’s success in the west spawned three follow-up seasons with the original series totalling 189 episodes, all directed by Mitsuo Hashimoto. Baku-Tech! Bakugan, a Japan-only CG-animated spin-off shorts series, produced by Shogakukan Music & Digital Entertainment, ran between 2012 and 2013. Prior to this reboot, it was the final piece of new material for the franchise.

Nelvana’s involvement with the new Bakugan project contrasts the company’s other anime franchise, Beyblade. The ongoing Beyblade Burst series marks the first time in the brand’s history that they aren’t involved in its production. Though, Nelvana represents the newer show in select markets, like France. In Canada, Beyblade Burst airs on Teletoon, which like Nelvana, is a subsidiary of Corus Entertainment. The channel also ran the original Bakugan.

During the conference call, Murphy also confirmed that Disney Channel has renewed Nelvana’s Hotel Transylvania animated series for a second season. The show airs on Teletoon in Canada.

Source: Corus Entertainment Fiscal 2018 First Quarter Earnings Call (6 minutes 47 seconds)


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