Ici Radio-Canada is running Chi’s New Address

Ici Radio-Canada premiered the first episode of Chi’s New Address, the 104-episode second season in Madhouse’s adaptation of Kanata Konami’s Chi’s Sweet Home manga series, on Monday. The series airs weekdays at roughly 8:12AM, following that day’s episode of PJ Masks. You can catch episodes on the channel’s website and streaming platform.

Chi’s New Address debuted in Japan in 2009. Like the first series, France’s Toon Factory dubbed the series, though rather than using the new name, they continued branding the episodes Chi, une vie de chat (Chi, the life of a cat). Radio-Canada began airing the first season on September 5, 2016 in their original 3-minute short format.

Discotek, who put out both of Madhouse’s Chi’s anime series in 2015 on English subtitled DVDs, described the second season as:

The Yamada family’s newest addition, a cute kitty named Chi, isn’t welcome by their landlady. Having searched all over for a new owner, eventually the Yamadas decide they can’t just abandon a part of the family, and they move into a brand new home that allows them to keep Chi. Skeptical at first, Chi doesn’t know what to make of the new home, but eventually she comes to realize that a new place just means new adventures! There are so many new things to see and do, and so many new friends to meet, how will Chi ever find the time to play with them all?

A kitten’s work is never done. Of course, when Chi gets too wrapped up in her playing, she just might find that the new territory is even more unfamiliar than she first realized! Will Chi be able to make it back to her new home

A new Chi’s Sweet Home anime, titled Chi’s Sweet Adventure, began airing last October in Japan. Produced by Sega’s Marza Planet Animation, the series uses CG animation and is streamed in many markets (including Canada) on Amazon Prime. While a second season was announced at Japan Expo in France, the show has yet to be dubbed into any other language.

In other Radio-Canada news:

Revealed through their fall highlights, Radio-Canada will premiere a new Belle et Sébastien (Belle and Sebastian) animated series on September 9th at 7:30 AM, with airings every Saturday and Sunday. Produced by Gaumont Animation and Quebec’s Groupe PVP, it once again adapts Cécile Aubry’s novel about an orphan boy and his huge white dog. The series will run for 52 eleven-minute episodes.

When Sebastian, a young orphan living in the Alps, meets Belle, a huge white mountain dog, they set off together on a series of fantastic adventures around the mountains.

Always in search of adventure, the duo goes to the rescue of anyone that happens to cross their path. By doing so, they meet an array of colourful characters who help them on their missions.

After all, Belle and Sebastian are living proof that friendship can move mountains!

The new series has been sold to France’s M6 and Canal+, Germany’s ZDF, and Belgium’s VRT. As far as I can tell, the show hasn’t premiered abroad, so Radio-Canada will be hosting global debuts. Oh yeah, Knowledge and BBC Kids in Canada have also picked up the show. I guess an English language debut should be coming soon.

Some of you might be wondering why I’m mentioning this. Well, the last time Belle and Sebastian got an animated adaptation, it was courtesy of Japan. In the 80s, the French dub aired on Radio-Canada, while the English version aired on TVOntario.

Thanks Ryan and Greg.

  1. Here in the states, that English dub of Belle & Sebastian used to run on Nickelodeon for many years. I used to watch that every day, hoping he’d find his mom eventually.

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