Canadian Theatrical News: Fairy Tail: Dragon Cry

The second theatrical film based on Hiro Mashima’s Fairy Tail manga series is being brought to theatres in August by Funimation. Dragon Cry, which opened in Japan back in May, will be screened in 300 US and 12 Canadian cinemas in both English dubbed and subtitled Japanese formats. Cineplex will be Canada’s theatrical partner.

Like the anime series, A-1 Pictures returns to animate the film. It was written by franchise regular Shoji Yonemura and directed by Tatsuma Minamikawa. Hiro Hashima acted as the executive producer and a storyboard artist on Dragon Cry.

Natsu is known as the one and only fire-breathing Dragon Slayer, but this next adventure will take him to the next level. Luckily, he still has his trusty team by his side: Happy, a flying cat: Gray, an ice wizard with Dragon Slayer abilities; Erza. a knight who switches armor and abilities mid-battle; and Lucy, a wizard who fights with a set of celestial spirits. When these Fairy Tail members first joined forces, they formed a team no one could topple. But this next mission could be their last. Enter the Dragon Cry, a magic staff rumored to possess the power to destroy the world. For years it’s been safely guarded in the Kingdom of Fiore until Zash, a traitor of Fiore, steals it and delivers it to Animus in the Kingdom of Stella. Now it’s up to the gang to infiltrate the Stella Kingdom and retrieve the staff. It seems like it should be an easy job, but what they uncover isn’t what they expected.


Calgary Cineplex Odeon Eau Claire Market Cinemas SUB: 08/14 @ 8PM
DUB: 08/17 @ 8PM, 08/19 @ 3:45PM
Edmonton Cineplex Odeon South Edmonton Cinemas SUB: 08/14 @ 7PM
DUB: 08/17 @ 7PM

British Columbia

Richmond SilverCity Riverport Cinemas SUB: 08/14 @ 7PM
DUB: 08/17 @ 7PM
Vancouver Cineplex Odeon International Village Cinemas SUB: 08/14 @ 7PM
DUB: 08/17 @ 7PM


Winnipeg Cineplex Odeon McGillivray Cinemas and VIP SUB: 08/14 @ 7PM
DUB: 08/17 @ 7PM

Nova Scotia

Halifax Cineplex Cinemas Park Lane SUB: 08/14 @ 7PM, 08/19 @ 3:45PM
DUB: 08/17 @ 7PM


Mississauga Cineplex Cinemas Courtney Park SUB: 08/14 @ 7PM
DUB: 08/17 @ 7PM
Oakville Cineplex Cinemas Winston Churchill SUB: 08/14 @ 7PM
DUB: 08/17 @ 7PM, 08/19 @ 3:45PM/9:25PM
Ottawa Cineplex Odeon South Keys Cinemas SUB: 08/14 @ 11:25AM/7PM
DUB: 08/17 @ 10:25AM/7PM, 08/19 @ 3:45PM
Scarborough Cineplex Cinemas Scarborough SUB: 08/14 @ 7PM
DUB: 08/17 @ 7PM
Toronto Cineplex Cinemas Yonge-Dundas and VIP SUB: 08/14 @ 7PM, 08/15 @ 4:50PM/9:10PM
DUB: 08/17 @ 4:30PM/7PM/9:10PM, 08/19 @ 3:45PM/9:50PM


Montreal Cinéma Cineplex Odeon Quartier Latin SUB: 08/14 @ 7PM
DUB: 08/17 @ 7PM

As always, keep you eyes on Cineplex’s pages for any last minute changes/additions: SUB/DUB. Funimation’s site for the film has more info on it.

Looking at other theatrical releases, we obviously missed the third Project Itoh film, Genocidal Organ, this week. That’s not a surprise given we didn’t get either of the earlier movies. It seems likely we’ll also be missing out on The Ancient Magus’ Bride, the second entry in Crunchyroll’s quarterly Anime Movie Night series. While it’s scheduled for a US run at the end of July, no Canadian listings have shown up anywhere. There’s still a chance, but it’s looking like that’ll be the same for Funimation’s release of In This Corner of the World and Sony’s Starship Troopers: Traitor of Mars. I suspect The Irregular at Magic High School the Movie -The Girl who Summons the Stars- (nice title) will eventually drift into Canadian theatres after its US run this month, though nothing’s been confirmed.

It’s probably easier to broker deals with theatre chains to run these event screenings during the winter. Just slot a time sensitive showing on a slow Wednesday and voila, you suddenly have higher attendance on that day. Theatres are going to be less interested in the summer, because attendance is naturally higher.

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