Canadian Theatrical News: Kabaneri of the Iron Fortress

Crunchyroll is starting Anime Movie Night, in partnership with Screenvision and Kaos Connect, to bring one of their titles to the big screen every quarter of the year and Canada is included in the fun. The debut feature is the compilation film based on last year’s Kabaneri of the Iron Fortress anime series. It’ll hit theatres in Canada and the US for a one night sub-only showing on April 26th.

Often described as “Attack on Titan, but on trains” the 12-episode series was produced by the same studio, Wit, and shared much of the same staff behind Eren Jaeger bouts with Titans. Kabaneri was notably one of the first anime to simulcast exclusively on Amazon Prime, which became a point of controversy as the service wasn’t available in most territories, including Canada, at the time. Crunchyroll made the series one of the headliners of their home video/English dub initiative, but word has gone silent since they’ve partnered with Funimation.

A mysterious virus appears during the industrial revolution that transforms infected humans into Kabane and rapidly spreads. On the island country Hinomoto people have built fortress-like “stations” to shelter themselves from these creatures. People access the stations and transport wares between them with the help of armored steam locomotives. One day, a hayajiro hijacked by the Kabane crashes into Aragane Station and they overrun the city. A young engineer called Ikoma uses the opportunity to test with success his anti-Kabane weapon, the “piercing gun”, but is infected in the process, although he manages to resist the virus and become a Kabaneri, a human-Kabane hybrid. Assisted by Mumei, another Kabaneri who appears to help them, Ikoma and the other survivors of the station board the Kōtetsujō and depart to seek shelter elsewhere, fighting the hordes of Kabane along the way.


Calgary Landmark Country Hills 04/26 @ 7PM
Calgary Landmark Shawnessy 04/26 @ 7PM
Edmonton Landmark City Centre 04/26 @ 6PM

British Columbia

Kelowna Landmark Kelowna Grand 04/26 @ 7PM
Nanimo Landmark Avalon 04/26 @ 7PM
New Westminster Landmark New Westminster 04/26 @ 7PM
Penticton Landmark Penticton 04/26 @ 7PM
Surrey Landmark Surrey – Guildford 04/26 @ 7PM
West Kelowna Landmark West Kelowna Xtreme 04/26 @ 7PM


Winnipeg Landmark Grant Park 04/26 @ TBA


Caledon Landmark Bolton 04/26 @ 7PM
Kanata Landmark Kanata 04/26 @ 7PM
Kingston Landmark Kingston 04/26 @ 7PM
Kitchener Landmark Kitchener 04/26 @ 7PM
Orleans Landmark Orleans 04/26 @ 7PM
St. Catherine’s Landmark St. Catherine’s 04/26 @ 7PM
Waterloo Landmark Waterloo 04/26 @ 7PM
Whitby Landmark Whitby 04/26 @ 7PM

For any last minute updates, refer to Landmark and Screenvision’s websites.

Based on this and Yu-Gi-Oh! The Dark Side of Dimensions, I’m guessing Screenvision might just be partnering up with Landmark for all of their releases. With Yu-Gi-Oh! they managed to land a run in a Toronto Cineplex location after fan demand, so if you’re in on the larger cities not covered by Landmark, it might be worth your time to request a screening.

Kind of interesting that this is getting a showing in Canada while Funimation skipped out on us for the Attack on Titan compilation duology. No way Kabaneri holds more mindshare up here. I guess maybe Funimation is just using the films as part of a promotional campaign for Attack on Titan‘s second anime season.

  1. August 1st, 2017

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