Odds & Ends: World Trigger + Gintama dubs surface, DHX’s Mega Man, HMV closes its doors

With January’s insanity behind us, I’ve been granted a bit of a reprieve from long theatre listings. Well, at least until the spring triple header of Sailor Moon R: The Movie, Sword Art Online The Movie: Ordinal Scale and your name. hit. So until then, here are some smaller pieces of news that have caught my eye.


First up, here’s an update to an article that went live back in June. Ocean’s dubs of World Trigger and Gintama have finally surfaced and it might surprise you where. Like most of their recent dubs, the voice cast for both shows source talent from Vancouver and Calgary/Edmonton.

Toei’s adaptation of Daisuke Ashihara’s World Trigger manga premiered on Primo TV in the US on January 16th. What’s Primo TV? A new cable channel aimed at English-speaking Hispanic children. I don’t really know how an anime series like World Trigger fits in with that plan (to be fair, the same goes for the vast majority of their programming lineup), but okay. Ocean produced the show directly for Toei’s US office and they even had them dub the Japanese opening theme.

Then there’s Gintama. To say it’s a shock that the show got a dub is an understatement. The anime industry seldom dubs series 10 years after their debut and something like Gintama is far from an easy adaptation. Then a shock came from who was paying for the dub: Crunchyroll. While the company’s plans for English language anime releases have changed, the first dozen episodes of their Gintama dub went live on the site this week, with more episodes every Wednesday. No explanation was given as to why it starts with episode 266, but it’s easy to assume that either Sentai’s license to the earlier episodes is still valid or Crunchyroll wanted to start with what was then the latest batch of episodes.

Since Ocean’s Dragon Ball Kai dub is never ever coming out, I guess Gintama might provide a taste of what those voices would sound like.

Also an update to that June post, there’s been a small morsel of new information regarding Dentsu, Man of Action and DHX’s Mega Man animated series. Three snippets from the project appeared in Film Roman’s animation demo reel. The response has been mixed, though mostly negative. In an attempt to assuage fears, Dentsu quickly took down the footage and is claiming those segments were from an internal animation test that wasn’t meant to be viewed by the public. They promise the show’s visual design is evolving.


Speaking of Capcom adaptations leaked in production reels, Toronto-based special effects studio Mr. X included some test footage from what appears to be Paul W.S. Anderson’s live action Monster Hunter film in their latest one (2:26 and 3:33). He’s the guy behind the Alice in Zombieland, err, Resident Evil movies. How will Milla fit in with modern day Monster Hunter?

mysticonsnickteletoon2017In a spotlight on Nelvana’s recent management shakeups, this month’s issue of Total Licensing let it slip (page 76) that Mysticons will be heading to Nickelodeon in the US and Teletoon in Canada this fall. As far as I can tell, this is the first time a Canadian broadcast has been mentioned. Hard to believe this journey began back in 2013. That’s animation for you.

I usually don’t talk about individuals, but on the subject of management shakeups, something weird is going on that’s maybe worth noting. Deirdre Brennan, Vice President of Content for the Corus kids channels, has left the company less than a year after joining it. She replaced Jocelyn Hamilton, who had been with Corus in some capacity since 1998. May Brennan’s replacement like action cartoons.


Lastly, HMV Canada is shutting down at the end of April. It seems their attempt to transition into something resembling a Hot Topic didn’t work. I’m sure you’ve heard that it’s a sign of the times, how they were a dinosaur in the digital age, etc. I won’t say any of that’s untrue for the majority of people, but it’s also untrue to say there isn’t an audience that values physical media and that this is a big blow to them. My first thought is how this will influence the few Canadian publishers of DVDs and BDs we have. The eOnes, Mongrels, Unidiscs, etc. of the country just lost a solid retail partner whose stock included more than just the latest Hollywood blockbusters. Oh, and maybe this is hyperbolic, but I think this signals the end of widespread retail availability of physical anime (and probably other genre product) in Canada. Wal-Mart and Best Buy have got you covered on the segment’s best sellers, but itching for a Sentai disc? Unless you’ve got a mom and pop shop near you, you’re probably going to have to order online. Shipping fees and the exchange rate are not in our favour.

  1. Just like Blockbuster was the victim of movie streaming a decade ago, it seems HMV is the victim of the shift to digital music consumption. I wonder if BestBuy will be the next victim in the mid 2020s..

    At this point Bionix has been gone for longer than it existed, dead for 7 years and only lasted for slightly under 6 – so I’m pretty sure we’re never seeing anime on YTV again. But I am very surprised that Canadian Television went for 7 whole years without having a single teen/adult anime in our lineup (not counting this summer’s Iron Man or Teletoon with Pokemon and Beyblade). Seems ridiculous. I kinda hope that maybe Gintama might pop up on some obscure channel at an obscure time in the next few years. Let’s hope

    • Zechs
    • February 7th, 2017

    My local Best Buy doesn’t even carry anime, and I’ve only seen the latest DBZ movies and Bleach at Wal-Mart in the past years. HMV was basically the last place to find physical releases, and they had a great selection, with plenty of new releases. The place was always packed too, there’s a clear market for people who want to own their favourites on a tangible format that doesn’t require the internet to watch.

    Anime is dead on Canadian TV and now in Canadian stores. It’s baffling, there are so many anime fans here and there’s no doubt Toonami programming would do well on TV.

    If only someone would listen…

    • shadow_is_edgy
    • February 8th, 2017

    Say goodbye to US network shows like one piece and hunter x hunter, unless someone picks up the slack it’s RIP for anime merchandise. Needless to say music and regular shows are also gonna be much much harder to come by in the future.

    • arcuss
    • February 14th, 2017

    What are the odds of World Trigger making it to teletoon? It seems like a good fit for their friday night action block. Then again so does Dragon Ball Super but that’s just a dream.

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