Beyblade Burst premieres return on Teletoon, Amazon Prime eyes Canadian launch + Major Theatrical Update


So far, Beyblade Burst has had a bumpy ride in Canada. It premiered to little pre-release promotion on September 10th and then immediate confusion as the second episode premiered the next day (even the official social media handler thought it would be a re-run). Then, after four weekends and eight episodes, debuts abruptly ended on October 2nd as the show began a repeat run on both Teletoon and Disney XD Canada. We’ll never know what happened, but some solid guesses would be that airing two episodes a week of a show that (as of October 2nd) had only run twenty-six episodes in Japan probably makes things difficult for the English production team. Or, maybe Sunrights and Hasbro wanted to make sure we didn’t get too far ahead of their pending US run.

Either way, that all looks to be in the past as Teletoon’s schedule is listing a return to premieres with episode nine, “Wyvron in the Way,” set for November 26th at 3PM. Neither TV Passport nor Teletoon’s schedule list a premiere for Sunday; with a repeat of episode seven expected to run. I guess that’s the end of double premieres. Unless Teletoon pulls some holiday pre-emptions, Canada should still be ahead of the US by three episodes after Disney XD’s premiere event.

It’s been a big couple of weeks for Disney XD in the US. In addition to acquiring (very bottom) the broadcast rights to the entire Beyblade franchise, they ran Yo-Kai Watch The Movie earlier this month, and oh, just acquired the rights to the entire Pokémon franchise as well. They’ll be running a two episode preview of Pokémon the Series: Sun & Moon alongside the debut of Pokémon the Movie: Volcanion and the Mechanical Marvel on December 5. Corus has been good at getting the rights to the films, so it’s probably just a matter of time until the newest one finds its way up here.

Two corrections to my initial impressions of the Beyblade Burst dub from back in September: the Blue Water actors have been featured in the credits and Valt isn’t played by Patricia Bacchus, but is likely Sabrina Pitre.

Fun fact: eagle eyed viewers will notice JLOP, a branch of Cool Japan, in the credits. I guess the Japanese government partially funded this dub.

Thanks Greg!


It’s funny how a few months can change so much. Back when Fuji TV announced a streaming exclusivity deal with Amazon for their Noitamina anime programming, there was a lot ire directed their way. Partnering up with a service available in so few markets would normally catch any company heat, but even more so when their initial offerings included the talk of the town Kabaneri of the Iron Fortress. Fast forward a couple of months, and not only has that anger cooled off, seemingly so has Amazon’s interest in anime. The most recent Noitamina show, The Great Passage, isn’t even simulcasting on the service in the US (though, it is in the UK). Whether that’s them realizing it’s a show with limited market potential or a shift from their simulcast model to a more Netflix-like binge drop doesn’t really matter to the gotta have it current anime fan. It’s now kind of old news, and with Kabaneri as a precedent, that “older” content may find its way elsewhere.

Looking forward, they’re committed to Goro Miyazaki and Polygon Pictures’ Ronja The Robber’s Daughter, a Shin-chan spinoff, some tokusatsu like Kamen Rider Amazons, and three shows they’re currently simulcasting in the UK: Chi’s Sweet Adventure, ViVid Strike and the aforementioned The Great Passage.

It’s great that Amazon Prime Instant Video content is finally here (though, maybe not so great for our media producers), but meh. Kind of too little too late for my personal interest in their current crop of content. Amazon seems to be reflecting my muted response with a silent unofficial launch. If you have a Amazon Prime subscription in Canada (which is currently priced lower than the US equivalent because of the lack of video – buy now if you’re interested!), you can now login to the US video portal and watch most of the original content produced for the platform. Third party content (including some of the Amazon Originals sold to Shomi)? Availability’s a bit dicey at the moment. Amazon has reportedly been signing major catalog deals for Canadian streaming rights, so presumably this soft launch was just done so they could offer something to coincide with Jeremy Clarkson’s The Grand Tour. In fact, the former Top Gear host dropped the closest thing to an official announcement of the service’s new regions. Expect a proper formal push sometime soon.

Que me having an about-face when The Tick debuts.

Last update I mentioned had listed Girls Und Panzer Der Film for a theatrical release on December 6th. As, uh, Harambe pointed out in the comments (I knew he wasn’t dead!), that page was deleted a few days after that post went live. I got in contact with Eleven Arts and Sentai Filmworks to see what was up and both told me that it was their intent to host screenings in Canada, but wouldn’t confirm anything more. Well, the US screenings were held last weekend, and we’ve yet to receive official word on what’s going on, but Cineplex has posted a new listing (archived, just in case) for the film. The release date is now set for January 19, 2017. Like the now deleted entry, Cineplex isn’t accepting ticket preorders, which means that date (and the screening in general) is far from confirmed.


Even if Girls Und Panzer doesn’t hold, we’re potentially looking at a stupidly stacked January lineup for theatrical anime. One Piece: Film Gold will run between January 10-17 in North America. Sony has set Wild Bunch and Studio Ghibli’s The Red Turtle for January 20. Yu-Gi-Oh! The Dark Side of Dimensions is due out January 27th. Also set for late January is Sailor Moon R- THE MOVIE. Still in the first quarter we have Sword Art Online The Movie: Ordinal Scale and Makoto Shinkai’s your name.  I’m sure some (most?) of the Canadian dates will be later (or never), but I still I think these companies need to take a hint from the January weather and chill out. This is crazy.

Oh, and if you’re a Sailor Moon fan check out this survey from Viz and Eleven Arts. They’re doing research on potential locations for the theatrical release, so if you live in a smaller market this is your chance to maybe land a screening you otherwise wouldn’t.

Part of me really hopes those films have their dates spread around solely so that you guys don’t die of old age trying to go through the inevitable MEGA ULTRA DELUXE (TURBO CHAMPIONSHIP EDITION) BLOG POST.


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