Canadian Theatrical News: No Yo-Kai, but maybe Girls und Panzer?


Here’s a small update on the movies you can (or cannot) see on the big screen in Canada:

Remember how I said an Eleven Arts representative told me Yo-Kai Watch: The Movie would come to Canadian theatres despite the deleted Cineplex listing? Well, that same representative got back to me last week and said that’s no longer the case. The movie isn’t planned to have screenings in Canada. Sorry to anyone anticipating it!

An Eleven Arts release that might be coming to Canada is Girls Und Panzer Der Film. Sentai Filmworks is partnering up with Eleven Arts to bring the movie to theatres in the US in November. Cineplex has put up a page for the film attached to a December 6th date, but ticket sales haven’t gone live yet. I’ll do a proper write-up with a theatre listing once (if?) those do go up for purchase.

One last update on Miss Hokusai. GKids has added subtitled screenings in Edmonton at Metro Cinema from November 18th-24th. The film also began its run at the TIFF Lightbox in Toronto on Friday. It’s set to go in both dubbed and subtitled formats until at least November 3rd. You can grab tickets here.

Oh, I guess I should mention this, but there’s been no indication that the Pokémon: The First Movie limited run will hit Canada. Given that’s a chain-specific release in the US, I don’t think that should surprise anyone.

    • Harambe
    • November 3rd, 2016

    The Girls Und Panzer Cineplex movie listing is deleted too as of November 3rd. A leak by gun-jumping or another false alarm like Yo-Kai Watch here?

    • Good catch. I’d say it’s a toss-up. Given what happened to Yo-Kai, page deletion would be a bad sign. On the other hand, Yo-Kai’s Cineplex date mirrored the US one, where as GnP had a Canada-specific engagement. That implies some work may have actually been done.

      I’ll shoot an email to Sentai and Eleven Arts to see what they say.

      Here’s an archived version of the Cineplex page for anyone curious:

    • Both of the reps got back to me and said that they’re trying to make a Canadian release happen.

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