Viz finally makes Sailor Moon available for streaming in Canada


Canada means a lot to Sailor Moon. The original dub was recorded in Toronto, the accompanying toys produced by Irwin Toy, with its immense success on YTV directly spawning the original English versions of the later seasons of the show. It was popular enough up here that we got spaghettios, awkward voice actor interviews and a stage show … that at one point starred Samantha Bee? So it’s no surprise that the franchise’s enduring popularity is well represented in the Canadian anime fandom. There’s just one problem. If you’re not interested in buying home video releases, you legally couldn’t watch the show anywhere in Canada. Interest on Viz’s part to get the series on TV never materialized, and their overall streaming partner exclusively deals with the United States. But fear not Canadian Moonies, because two years after announcing their acquisition of the series, Viz is finally doing good on you by streaming the entire 200 episode original series for free in Japanese with English subtitles.

Make sure to hit the "CC" to view the subtitle track.

Make sure to hit the “CC” to view the subtitle track.

But which service is it streaming on? Has Hulu had a change of heart? Has Crackle pulled an upset? Have Shomi/Crave recognized peak Canadian nostalgia bait? Has Viz decided to open up a streaming portal exclusively for Canadians? Okay, if it was that last one I wouldn’t bury the lead. Viz has partnered up with Tubi.TV, a smaller streaming platform that originally launched in 2014. It doesn’t have a whole lot for anime fans but it’s a growing service available on a decent amount of devices. I’ve only heard of the site because I’m a weirdo.

If this does well, maybe Tubi will become Viz’s general partner for Canadian streaming?


In related Sailor Moon news, YTV recently put up a questionnaire to determine which Sailor Scout you are. Their blog posts all kinds of things, so don’t take that as a sign of anything other than nostalgia clicks.

If you’re curious, it says I’m Sere-Usagi.

  1. July 24th, 2016

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