Family Gets CHRGD Up, While Yo-Kai Watch’s Canadian Debut Is Pushed Back A Week [Updated 10/4/2015]

Original title: “Sonic Boom gets CHRGD with Yo-Kai Watch’s delay.” I dropped it because I wanted people to understand what I was talking about.

Despite Zap2it and pretty much every other listings site saying so, Yo-Kai Watch won’t be premiering on Teletoon this weekend. The channel’s official schedule lists the 32nd episode of Hot Wheels: Battle Force 5 in the 2PM Saturday slot. A press release from franchise creator Level-5 confirms the Canadian premiere for October 10th in the same time slot.

This sudden delay not only takes the dub’s premiere away from Teletoon, it also puts the channel five episodes behind the US broadcast (see below). Disney XD is set to debut Yo-Kai Watch this week with a new episode running Monday through Friday, before heading to a weekly slot. But hey, at least the show seems a lot less localized than I feared. Well, ignoring that Idaho shout out.

Long time followers of anime on Canadian TV will know that this isn’t the first time a show has been pushed back with short notice. Most notably Death Note‘s run on YTV was postponed from a date more than a month ahead of the US premiere, to a week after. Are these delays the result of broadcaster/distributor meddling, or just incompetence on the part of the Canadian channels? Who knows.

Speaking of Disney XD, the Canadian network that currently calls itself that won’t be doing that for much longer. As part of Corus’ licensing deal with Disney, DHX Media has been forced to remove everything owned by the House of Mouse from Family, Disney Junior and Disney XD by the end of the year. Their preschool channel has already been renamed to Family Jr., with XD set to become Family CHRGD on October 9th.

CHRGD sounds like a desperate attempt at SEO, trademark protection and telling the audience you're The Channel Formerly Known As Disney XD, but at least it's not XTRM.

CHRGD sounds like a desperate attempt at SEO, trademark protection and telling the audience you’re The Channel Formerly Known As Disney XD, but at least it’s not XTRM.

As pretty much every major US kids production house has a deal with Corus, DHX is going to have to get creative with their programming choices. The company owns a lot of shows, so Family Jr. and the main channel should make out fine. The real tossup is CHRGD. Some promos for CHRGD offer up a lineup consisting of DHX’s extensive internal library, some recent programming deals, a Disney leftover or two, and a couple of acquisitions that slipped through the cracks. The latter includes things like Xiaolin Chronicles and Sonic Boom. The two French-produced series have already aired in the US, but CHRGD offers them a Canadian home they otherwise wouldn’t have. The ill-fated reboot of Xiaolin Showdown is set to premiere alongside the channel’s new name on October 9th. Sonic Boom is currently not on any of the online schedules, but in the mean time you could watch it on Radio Canada.

If CHRGD wasn’t “catering specifically to the kids 6-12 age group’s comedic sensibilities,” I’d have suggested the channel as a possible venue for some anime. But with a target like that, maybe Doraemon, Digimon or LBX, at best. Since DHX owns it, CHRGD will probably air Spider Riders, though! That is a comedy, right?

Corus is currently using Disney Junior and Disney XD just for programming blocks on Disney Channel Canada. According to IPTV service provider VMedia, that will change with the launch of two separate channels on December 1st. When launching Disney Channel Canada, Corus killed off Teletoon Retro to give its channel space to Cartoon Network Canada. Which service is next?

Update (10/4/2015): Teletoon’s own schedule is currently showing a four episode Yo-Kai Watch marathon from 2-4PM on the 10th:

The channel has also launched a page for the series.
Thanks Anime Ash, Fillip, and Greg!

    • Charles Martin
    • October 9th, 2015

    You’ll want to update this article again Jonathan. Sonic Boom will be premiering on CHRGD October 24th at 10:30am et.

    • Charles Martin
    • October 9th, 2015

    I tried posting the URL to the image that confirms the Sonic Boom premiere but it didn’t seem to work. I tweeted it to you.

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