Future Card Buddy Fight is dubbed in Calgary, and available to watch for free

Sure, the US gets Space Dandy this weekend, but with Beyraiderz, and Future Card Buddy Fight we can still get into the simuldub thing.

What do you mean you’d rather have Space Dandy?

Future Card Buddy Fight is the latest cross media franchise aimed at children from the Japanese gaming company Bushiroad. The property is centred around a trading card game, and a television anime produced by OLM. The series takes place in the year 2030 in Japan’s new capital of Cho Tokyo. Humans get along with monsters from a parallel world called Shinkinkai. From there, select humans and monsters partner up to become “Buddies” and play a trading card game to determine the fate of the world. Okay, I’m taking a guess on that last part, but that is usually how these shows play out, right? Anyways, the focus is on a young boy named Gao, and his “Buddy”, Drum Bunker Dragon.

Much like Bushiroad’s Card Fight Vanguard, Buddy Fight’s anime has skipped a traditional TV broadcast for internet streaming in North America. A new English dubbed episode of the show premieres on Youtube, and Hulu at around 6:30PM EST on Fridays. What makes this pretty special is that the dub is premiering at the exact same time as that episode is airing in Japan. Much like Card Fight Vanguard, the English dub for Buddy Fight is recorded at Calgary’s own Bluewater Studios. The dub is directed by Karl Willems, and stars some familiar voices of the Calgary scene like Jonathan Love, and Zoe Slusar.

Based on the first episode, this might just be the anime comedy of 2014. It’s just a shame that there’s been no indication that it was attempting to be one.

    • Vallen
    • January 5th, 2014

    pfft, who needs space dandy


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