Teletoon’s Fall 2013 highlights features super heroes and annoying oranges

Annoying-Orange-Million-ClonesThis could be the final time I write up a preview of Teletoon’s Fall highlights separately. Surprisingly that may not have anything to do with my general indifference towards the Canadian children’s networks. Some of you may be aware that Astral Media, 50% co-owner of the Teletoon related networks (Teletoon, Teletoon Retro, Cartoon Network Canada and their French feeds) is in the midst of being purchased by Bell Media. As a result of this sale Astral will be selling their 50% share in the Teletoon related businessess to Corus Entertainment, the company that owns the other 50% of the networks. Corus also owns YTV, Treehouse, and Nickelodeon Canada with their press releases typically handled all under a “Corus Kids” umbrella rather than channel specific programming highlights. Assuming Corus integrates the Teletoon networks under that brand they might just be included with the others in the future. Then again Teletoon at Night, and Adult Swim feature some very non-child friendly programming …

Anyways, the network finally put out a press release. I say finally because it’s the middle of August and the majority of their Fall programming launches next month. Teletoon will be picking up additional episodes of Adventure Time, Detentionaire, DreamWorks Dragons: Defenders of Berk, Johnny Test, Max Steel, Regular Show, The Amazing World of Gumball, and The Looney Tunes Show.

Friday nights will continue to be super hero themed as the network premieres the totally not Thundercats inspired LEGO: Legends of Chima on September 6th at 6PM. This leads into Teen Titans Go!, the much hated revival of the popular 2000s cartoon adaptation of the Teen Titans comics. Ultimate Spider-Man returns at 7:30PM, with Avengers Assemble premiering right after at 8PM.

In terms of other new series, the channel will be premiering The Annoying Orange on September 5th at 6:15PM. Yes, this is an expanded version of the Youtube series of the same name. That leaves Grojband as Teletoon’s only original series premiere this fall. The show features a 12-year-old boy named Corey and his garage band as they discover that they kind of suck at writing songs. So naturally they decide to steal music written in the diary owned by Corey’s sister but they’ve got to inspire her to write some great stuff. Grojband is from FreshTV who’ve previously brought the world 6teen and Total Drama ___. It premieres on September 5th at 7PM.
Teletoon at Night picks up new episodes of Futurama, Robot Chicken, Archer, and Fugget About It with “classic” episodes of Family Guy rounding up the lineup.

Teletoon Retro gets Tiny Toon Adventures on five nights a week at 8:30PM. Babar joins the morning lineup at 9:30AM.
Cartoon Network Canada adds additional episodes of Adventure Time, Regular Show, MAD: The Animated Series, and Young Justice Invasion. Speaking of Thundercats, the recent and failed reboot series will finally air on Canadian television. Originally announced for Teletoon, Thundercats will premiere September 7th at 11:30AM on Cartoon Network. The network will also premiere the new series Uncle Grandpa on September 2nd at 8PM.

Adult Swim picks up Brak Show, and Lucy: Daughter of the Devil.

All times are for Eastern and Pacific time zones.

Via: Teletoon Media
Thanks Marc!

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