Nelvana’s next action series is Mysticons

Mysticons1This is actually a bit of an older story as the series was initially revealed in April, but since there’s so little to talk about I might as well report on it. It seems Nelvana is expecting Beyblade to continue its downward spiral and is now preparing a replacement in Mysticons. Produced internally at Nelvana Studio in partnership with The Topps Company (owned by former Disney CEO Michael Eisner’s The Tornante Company) the show is set to be written by Sean Jara who has previously written for shows like Redakai, Hot Wheels: Battle Force 5, League of Super Evil among others. Nelvana describes the show as:

The original series is centered around four regular kids in the quiet suburb of Castletown who are called into action to double as a legendary line of heroes, known as Mysticons. After discovering a powerful mystic tome, the four friends transform into oath-bonded warriors who leave their regular life of homework, sports, and video games to battle fire breathing dragons, evil knights and barbaric orcs, led by a trio of evil warlords set on destroying mankind.

Given a trading card company is involved with the show’s production it’s natural that Doug Murphy, president of Corus Television had this to say, “Leveraging the Topps brand will enable us to build game play into the DNA of the series”. Expect a whole ‘lot of merch.

No broadcast partners or an expected release window have been revealed but the show’s first season will run for 26 twenty-two minute episodes.

Via: Corus Entertainment

    • Charles Martin
    • August 1st, 2013

    So wait, Nelvana predicts Beyblade is going into a downward spiral but has decided to fund two spinoff series for it (Shogun Steel and BeyRaiderz)? Why not just stop Beybade altogether?

    And the fact the Sean Jara is writing for this makes me a bit doubtful it’ll even take off the ground.

      • Jonathan
      • August 5th, 2013

      Something can still be profitable and make a lot less money than it did before.

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