Télétoon Rétro adds UFO Robot Grendizer aka Goldorak


The French Teletoon Retro feed will be adding Go Nagai’s Grendizer this September. The third entry in the Mazinger franchise dates back to 1975 with the show’s 74 episode run concluding in 1977. A French dub of the show began broadcast in Quebec in the 1980s under the title of Goldorak. Carole Bonneau, Vice President Programming at Télétoon Rétro has said that the show was often requested for the network. Grendizer follows Duke Fleed, a survivor of the Vega Star raised on Earth as he fights back against the Vega invasion with his titular robot.

Just last year the Quebec based Imavision released the series on DVD:

Grendizer joins Astroboy as anime programming on the French feed.

Via La Presse

Oh, and anime fans in Quebec that read this blog, don’t be afraid to share your news with me.

    • Stéphane Dumas
    • July 25th, 2013

    Being from Quebec, that’s a very good news even if I already got the DVD set from Imavision. ^^;

    The anime had aged a bit depending of who was the character designer depending of the episodes. Grendizer (or Goldorak as we know it in French speaking communities, in Italian it was known as “Goldrake”) was created in 1975 as the third chapter of the Mazinger saga (the 1st chapter Mazinger Z got some episodes dubbed in English under the name “Tranzor Z”). I spotted a Goldorak former page located at the internet archive .

    • Wayne Lenahan
    • October 13th, 2014

    Hi I wish they would make an english dub of the entire 74 episodes as well for us english speaking fans. I remember watching it at the time on the Quebec station who broadcast it at the time but unfortunately I don’t know french in order to watch it. Please make an english dubbed version of the whole series as well. Thank you.

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