Teletoon greenlights new Inspector Gadget series


DHX Media and Teletoon have announced that a new Inspector Gadget animated series will be airing on the Canadian animation station as early as late 2014. Little has been revealed about the show other than the fact that it’ll be animated with CG visuals. While it appears Gadget’s nemesis Dr. Claw will be tossed aside for his nephew, and Gadget’s niece Penny will be aged up a few years the show aims to stay true to its roots according to Alan Gregg, Teletoon’s director of original content. Here’s the full plot synopsis from the press release:

MAD Agents, look out! Criminals, beware! Bystanders … take cover! Inspector Gadget is back to battle Dr. Claw with all-new gadgets – and all-new gadget-related chaos. But the loveable, bumbling, accidentally-destructive Inspector is not alone in the fight to take down MAD. His ever trusty police-dog, Brain, is still by his side and he’s getting extra crime-fighting help from his new partner, Inspector-in-training Penny. With MAD more powerful than ever and with the arrival of Dr. Claw’s evil-genius (and totally crush-worthy) nephew, Penny and Brain will need to use every ounce of their training to keep the world safe from Dr. Claw … and Gadget.

Both DHX and Teletoon want to modernize the original theme song while still maintaining the feel of the iconic track with the plan that a major Canadian composer would take on the task. Teletoon hopes that the new Gadget series will help bridge the gap between the network’s children’s programming, and adult content by banking on nostalgia with a well known brand that is suitable for all ages. Only time will tell if Gadget’s latest go will be a success.

Remember Gadget and the Gadgetinis? I know you’ve been trying to forget …

Via Macleans and Teletoon’s Press Room

    • Stéphane Dumas
    • July 10th, 2013

    I tried as well to forget the Gadgetinis (as well as Gadgetboy).

    I hope they’ll bring back Penny’s friends in the original series: Anya (who appeared in the episode “Prince of the Gypsies”) and Atsuko (from the episode “The Japanese connection”). However Caporal Capeman was the Scrappy-doo/Cousin Oliver of Inspector Gadget. There a bunch of fanarts and fanfictions featuring Anya and/or Atsuko.

    Since now DHX own the rights to IG, it could been interesting to see a crossover series with another series made by DHX: Delilah & Julius.

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