International audiences to play host to Beyblade: Shogun Steel premieres

Volume 1 of Nippon Columbia's rental only release of Zero-G

Volume 1 of Nippon Columbia’s rental only release of Zero-G

Lots has happened since I wrote about Metal Fight Beyblade: Zero-G being dubbed into Beyblade: Shogun Steel for worldwide broadcasts. During that time the show was still airing in Japan, sharing a 30-minute timeslot with Cross Fight B-Daman eS on TV Tokyo, and was expected to until the spring season in Japan, as the previous Metal Fight Beyblade seasons had. Then something interesting happened, after 38 episodes the series was replaced by Beast Saga, Takara Tomy’s reboot of the Battle Beasts franchise. The 38 episode run was a bit surprising, as Nelvana confirmed Shogun Steel would run for 26 full length episodes. The previous season of the show had two 12 minute episodes combined into one full length episode for the Japanese rental release, and international markets. The same would’ve been expected to happen with Metal Fight Beyblade Zero-G, but you’d be left with 19 episodes with this season. Most expected this episode deficiency to be filled up for international broadcast, as that was the case for the existence of Beywheelz, especially as one of the staff members from the show hinted that the entire story wasn’t aired.

Now we have confirmation of what will happen to the rest of Zero-G. Metal Fight Beyblade manga author Takafumi Adachi confirmed on his blog that the unaired episodes of the series will be available on the Japanese rental DVD release from Nippon Columbia. He later revealed on Twitter that international audiences will see these episodes straight away. Nippon Columbia will begin releasing Zero-G on DVD with four 30 minute episodes starting March 27th.

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    • Fireboy
    • March 1st, 2013

    I know this has nothing to do with the article but I’m surprised there hasn’t been any mention that the Madoka movies will be playing in theaters across Canada here on the front page or on your forums (I admit I only took a quick look through the forums)

    • I honestly didn’t know the Madoka films were getting a “widespread” (for anime) release up here until you told me.

      As for the forums, they’ve been fairly inactive for a while now.

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