The Teletoon family of networks announce their Fall 2012 highlights

It’s that time of year again where I make a big fuss about little things! Teletoon and its related sister channels announced their Fall 2012 lineup yesterday. As per the norm I’ll go through some highlights for each network/major block and then offer my opinion on the situation as a whole. We’ll start off with the network that started it all, Teletoon:

Teletoon’s daytime lineup doesn’t consist of many new shows, but rather returning episodes of older ones. Adventure Time, Star Wars: The Clone Wars, Transformers Prime, Looney Tunes, Scooby Doo: Mystery Inc., Bakugan: Mechtanium Surge, The Amazing Spiez, and LEGO Ninjago are all back with new episodes. You can also expect new episodes of Canadian series like Detentionaire, Stoked, Johnny Test, and My Babysitter’s A Vampire. While the focus seems to be on more of the new episodes of the old Teletoon didn’t go without picking up their own new shows as the network announced that Kaijudo: Rise of the Duel Masters will be premiering Saturdays at 12PM. The show’s a reboot of the older Duel Masters card game, but doesn’t actually use any cards in the show. I’ve been following the US broadcast and it’s pretty good. The network has also picked up The Amazing World of Gumball, as well as the British series Matt Hatter Chronicles. But the biggest pick up of them all is Ultimate Spider-Man. While the show’s reception has been a bit cold the newest Spider-Man TV series is produced by Marvel Animation under ownership of Disney which makes the broadcast of the series a bit of a surprise given it originated on Disney XD in the US, and we have our own XD affiliate. Anyways, Ultimate Spider-Man premieres Friday, September 7 at 7:30PM. The network has also picked up a wide range of movies from the great like Fantastic Mr. Fox to the “Why?” territory of The Tooth Fairy. You can check out Teletoon’s entire fall schedule here.

Teletoon At Night remains rather stagnate with the current repeated crop of [adult swim] mainstays, alongside Family Guy, American Dad, and The Dating Guy. Friday’s “Fred at Night” branded block is where all the premieres will be for new episodes of Archer, and Futurama. It’s also where the new Canadian series Fugget About It will premiere. As I’m sure the title hinted at, the show is about a mafia member who kills one of the mob’s head honchos. With the rest of the gang out to kill him our lead Jimmy Falcone goes into the witness protection program but finds life pretty odd in the city of Regina. Fugget About It premieres Friday, September 7 at 10PM. Crash Canyon also returns with new episodes starting that same Friday at 11:30PM. For the full Teletoon At Night programming lineup click here.

Teletoon Retro picks up My Little Pony, Howie Mandel’s Bobby’s World, and The Mighty Hercules. No bronies, this is the original series so friendship isn’t quite magic yet. You’re just going to have to be content with watching the show on Treehouse. Anyways, all series have TBD premiere dates. Check out Retro’s full schedule here.

Now the recently launched power duo of Cartoon Network, and [adult swim] Canada also had rather few fall pick ups. CN Canada picks up Ben 10: Omniverse, and the second season of Young Justice. There will also be new episodes of Level-Up, Regular Show, Generator Rex and Sym-Bionic Titan. Ben 10: Omniverse appears to be airing day and date with Cartoon Network in the US as the series will premiere on our channel the same night as it does there, September 22. For their full schedule, once again click here.

Last, and actually least in terms of new pick ups is [adult swim]. There’s uh, well airings of shows you’ve already seen … ? Shows like Harvey Birdman, and Tim & Eric are back but there’s not much else. As far as I can tell there’s no new season, or series pick ups here at all. If you’d like to see when your favourite episode of Venture Bros. is on click here.

There’s really not much to say in regards to any of their lineups. None of the networks picked up a lot of new shows. It’s pretty disappointing that Teletoon At Night and [adult swim] have so little in the way of new content, especially since both of them have a lot of unaired content from the US that could be aired here. Sure, a lot of it is live action stuff like Loiter Squad, but there are also shows like Black Dynamite which would’ve been a great thing to air day and date as Ben 10: Omniverse is getting. Heck, wasn’t that the reason CN Canada even launched at all? It was supposed to bridge the gap between Canadian and US broadcasts. That obviously hasn’t happened given things like the Thundercats 2011 reboot are still MIA despite this being a year after the US premiere. It’s none too surprising as this usually is the case with Canadian affiliate channels but it’s still disappointing nonetheless.

  1. I guess new episodes of existing show, especially Canadian ones, is good news because that means they have been a ratings success.

    The Cartoon Network schedule looks more like Teletoon not-quite-so-retro. There doesn’t seem to be any Can-con in the adult swim schedule. If you are going to have all the same shows from the Detour, why not throw in Sons of Butcher or Undergrads?

    • I should find out what Crash Canyon‘s ratings are. That show “earned” 26 episodes ( before the show debuted in 2011. Teletoon’s doing the same thing with Fugget About It. That, I don’t understand – it comes across as Teletoon at Night fulfilling Canadian content mandates, rather than rewarding successful shows.

      Adult programming is an afterthought at Teletoon. I thought that would change with [as], but I expected more than the rerun salad [as] currently has. CN/[as] Canada is barely more than a month old right now, but why include [as] in the press bumf, if it doesn’t do anything? Even if [as] introduces second-string fare like Fat Guy Stuck in Internet and Perfect Hair Forever, it at least looks like movement.

      • I had suspected Teletoon for a long time had been producing many adult shows in the hope to finding that subversive hit that would become popular worldwide.

        The Pilot Project was the ultimate expression of that, but after the very un-subversive Fugget About It being the only one picked up, I guess they have given up on trying.

        I watch some episodes of Crash Canyon. I seems like what The Simpsons must be like before they add the jokes.

        Teletoon Retro was pretty bad when it first started, but programming slowly but steadily improved over the years to be a great channel. Hopefully Cartoon Network Canada will also improve with time.

        Teletoon Retro is a good example of a channel where kids and their parents can watch it together, like you mention YTV is trying to do.

    • Stan
    • August 3rd, 2012

    Well we saw this coming, c’mon its no surprise at all. Every year YTV and Teletoon picks up random garbage programming and I dont even recall the last time they got too many new IP’s aside from more seasons of the same old stuff. The only thing that I am disappointed in is the fact that [adult swim] here in Canada didn’t get any anime at all.

    I’ve completely given up on YTV and anime but seeing CN finally coming here and not having any anime is I guess quite a let down.

    Oh well whatever right, in my honest opinion I dont think we’ll see anime on Canadian television for this decade, until the head honchos up at YTV decide to reform the station again like they did 4 years ago, have a nice day and I’ll be back for spring highlights expecting more disappointment xD

  2. Well at least they’ll finish Bakugan

  3. When a not-so-good-on-the-quality-side Spider-Man (hyphen overload?) series is the only highlight I’m looking forward to for Teletoon’s efforts, that’s a sad state of affairs.

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