Looks like Beyblade Zero-G will be spinning in North America in 2013, Beywheelz detailed inside

In a move that shouldn’t shock anyone given Nelvana staff are once again listed in the show’s Japanese credits, it appears that Metal Fight Beyblade Zero-G will be heading westward in 2013. The revelation came in the latest issue of Nelvana’s Beyblade Buzz newsletter and their MIPTV flyer.

In both cases Nelvana says a fourth season of Beyblade is set for broadcasters in Fall 2013. This will be following the upcomming broadcasts of the third season of the show, titled Metal Fury in North America, and the western exclusive BeyWheelz spinoff. Speaking of which, toy licensee Hasbro posted a trailer for the latter on their official Beyblade Youtube channel:

Nelvana’s newly renovated Beyblade.com site has all the details on the show:

BEYWHEELZ is the story of a new lineage of BEYBLADES, one that evolved separately out of the very same star that gave birth to traditional BEYBLADES. In the world of BEYWHEELZ, a conflict is brewing. An evil army known only as The Dominators is set on conquering and controlling the world. It is up to Team Estrella, a group of the world’s best Wheelers to come together in a fight for their world’s freedom. The world of BEYWHEELZ is not as simple as it looks – dark secrets lurk beneath the surface.

You can find the show’s English theme song here.

Back to Zero-G again. I guess I should say it’s not 100% certain that this fourth season of Beyblade will be the series, as Nelvana didn’t name the series. It’s a safe bet though since no Beyblade series has ever remained Japan-only, the series acts as the fourth Metal Fight Beyblade anime in Japan and as mentioned previously, Nelvana staff are again credited in the show’s Japanese credits. We’ll probably get a dub name for the series later this year. The show follows fresh faced Zero Kurogane, after he’s been given the special Samurai Ifraid Beyblade by the legendary Ginga Hagane. With this gift he vows to become the best Beyblader in the world. The series is still sharing a timeslot with Cross Fight B-Daman on Japan’s TV Tokyo, so the run time is still 11-12 minutes an episode which means the dub could potentially be 25 episodes long. Or, like Metal Fury, the remaining order may be filled with additional BeyWheelz episodes. The latter being a rumor (that I haven’t been able to verify) that BeyWheelz has already received a second season order prior to broadcast. Only time will tell.


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