Kabillion gives us a taste of English Scan2Go

MoonScoop Entertainment’s (the Code Lyoko people) Video on Demand service Kabillion is currently streaming the first three episodes of Scan2go, a new anime series licensed by Cookie Jar Entertainment. The series is actually global co-production spanning from the Middle Eastern toy company NewBoy, Korean broadcasting company SBS, Korean Stone Bridge Capital, to Japan’s d-rights. The show follows Kaz Gordon, the leading Scan2Go driver on Earth attempting to put his planet on the galactic racing map. The show’s directed by The show’s English version was produced by Calgary’s own Blue Water Studios, and stars some of the cast from the recent Card Fight Vanguard English dub (which you can see here). It has already secured a broadcast in the US via Cartoon Network, though a Canadian broadcast partner is pending. Bratz toy maker MGA Entertainment has been tapped as the show’s toy licensee in North, and Latin America. Check out the first episode, “Going for Number 1”:

How’d you like it?

There are things I do, and I do not like in this show. The character designs are very wishy washy generic as the series director, Mitsuo Hashimoto, has worked on plenty of similar looking shows like Beyblade and Bakugan. I do like the fact the show shoved us into a tournament only to see our cast fail, but the constant change of setting, and the lack of character development before introducing a new character really hurts. The way the kids are racing is also kind of goofy. Are they controlling the cars via telekinesis? Why not just make them remote controlled? My nitpicks aside, it’s far from the worst of these kinds of shows and it could catch on with kids.

  1. Thanks for the review! The fourth ep is now up too http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=q-hqb4l7yM8&feature=plcp

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