Cookie Jar licenses Scan2Go

Toronto based Cookie Jar Group has licensed the 52 episode somewhat anime, Scan2Go, from Japan’s d-rights. The show is a global production spanning from the Middle Eastern toy company NewBoy, Korean broadcasting company SBS, Korean Stone Bridge Capital, and of course the aforementioned Japanese d-rights. The series takes place in the near future when Earth has made contact with other planets in our galaxy. The pass time of Scan2Go racing has become an intergalactic phenomenon and players around the galaxy compete for big prizes. Earth is apparently one of the last planets to get involved with Scan2Go, and thus a team is formed to encourage participation from the citizens of the planet. Basically, it’s a show meant to sell rev up racing cars, tracks, and cards that activate special gimmicks on the cars ala the Cyber Planet Keys from the Transformers Cybertron toyline. If the art reminds you of Bakugan, there’s a reason for that. Mitsuo Hashimoto is behind this series, he’s worked on a whole bunch of anime series, including Dragon Ball, Beyblade and yes, Bakugan. Outside of Korea the show has seen broadcast in various European countries. Cookie Jar’s license is for North, and South America, and includes program distribution rights for the show.

While Cookie Jar no longer owns a chunk of Teletoon, given such classics like Spider Riders, and Metajets aired on the channel it’s probably safe to say the series will find a home there. As for a U.S. venue, Cartoon Network probably wouldn’t touch a show like this, since it’s pretty low key compared to the other toy based series they air, so it’ll probably find a home on one of the many Cookie Jar programming blocks on U.S. channels.

Scan2Go’s licensing will be at least the second time in as many years that a Toronto based company picks up a Korea heavy animated action series.

Thanks goes to Mohji for pointing this out!

  1. I could see it airing on CN Canada at like 6am to fill Cancon requirements, lol.

    • anifan
    • May 22nd, 2012

    Except for the return of Toonami on Adult Swim, Cartoon Network’s prime time has been a bunch of junk lately. That’s just my opinion. Can you give me any U.S. Channels that have Cookie Jar Programming?

    • Cookie Jar TV on CBS, and Cookie Jar Toons on ThisTV are the main hubs. Some shows, like Metajets, and Magi-Nation get picked up by other broadcasters like Cartoon Network, and the CW4Kids.

  2. Hey Guys
    Just a quick official update. We will be airing the show in the Fall on the Cartoon Network.

    Cookie Jar
    Interactive Directory

    • Whoa, thanks for the update!

      Do you mean Cartoon Network in Canada? Cartoon Network in the US? Both?

  1. July 30th, 2012

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