Beyblade: Metal Masters marathon this Saturday, Beyblade: Metal Fury’s loaded for 2012

This image reminds me of that one time YTV aired a promo for Beyblade G-Revolution that had Japanese dialog

In support of another Beyblade contest (that includes a chance to represent Canada in the Beyblade World Tournament), YTV will be forgoing the regular Saturday 10AM-12PM programming for a special presentation of 5 new back-to-back Beyblade: Metal Masters episodes. With this marathon, YTV’s broadcast of the show will be at episode 18, and will in fact be ahead of Cartoon Network’s broadcast in the United States by a single week. You’d expect that to be the norm given YTV helps produce the show, but hey.

But that’s not all the Beyblade we’ve got in store. Coming in 2012, Beyblade: Metal Fury will take the airwaves by storm. The third season of the Beyblade reboot sees the crew racing to find 10 star fragments before the evil group Nemesis does, and plans on taking over the world. The co-production between Japan’s D-Rights, and Canada’s own Nelvana sees the series being retitled from Metal Fight Beyblade 4D (the 4D referring to the new system of Beyblade introduced in the series) to Metal Fury. I can only imagine that name change was done to insure the Metal Fusion theme song can be recycled once more, but with the lyrics “Metal Fury” added in place of “Metal Fusion” and “Metal Masters” – how exciting!

Interestingly, Nelvana denotes the show as having 51 half hour episodes. To most of you that won’t be interesting, but to me it is. You see, at episode 129 (26 episodes into the 4D run) the series run time was shortened from 22 minutes, to around half that, to accommodate the broadcast of Cross Fight B-Daman on TV Tokyo (a similar tact has been employed by TV Tokyo for various Duel Masters, and Megaman shows, in the west our equivalent would be the Cartoon Network shows like Robot Chicken). Given Nelvana’s quoting another 51 half hours, it’s safe to assume they’ll be combining two 11 minute 4D episodes into 1 Metal Fury episode. It’s also relatively safe to assume that since there will be 51 Metal Fury episodes, there will be 76 episodes of 4D (26 half hours, plus 50 quarter hours). Despite this movement, Nelvana has yet to actually show any interest in releasing the Metal Fight Beyblade anime film, which was released in 2010 in Japan. 4D premiered in Japan just earlier this year, it’s a good thing those movies are never canon!

    • toshu
    • July 7th, 2012

    wow that’s was coooolll…………

    • toshu
    • July 7th, 2012


    • toshu
    • July 7th, 2012

    nice video

  1. I request to start beyblade metal fury

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