CRTC approves “Teletoon Kapow!”

Throw this one in the “guessed that right” pile, in an entirely unsurprising decision, the Canadian Radio-television and Telecommunications Commission have approved Corus Entertainment, and Astral Media’s license for a Category 2 comic book themed Teletoon spinoff. The CRTC’s license runs until August 31, 2018 but has a clause where if the channel has not launched within 4 years, or at the very least, has shown the intent to launch, the license will expire. I’m thinking this one will be more like ABC Spark, and less like The Anime Channel.

The CRTC’s license describes the channel as following “the latest trends in non-violent action, adventure, superheroes, comedy and interactivity. The service’s interactivity would be achieved via programs on games associated with action series as well as magazine shows that cover current comic book trends and classics in comic books. The Commission did not receive any interventions in connection with this application.”. One has to ponder how many super hero shows are non-violent. Are they planning on airing Captain Flamingo 24/7 or something? Anyways, the channel’s broadcast week can’t consist of anything more than 15% movies, which is a good thing. In a bit of an odd fashion for a Teletoon branded channel, this channel won’t have any guaranteed amount of animated programming, so expect Smallville reruns at every corner.

Airing this would force me to get Teletoon Kapow

Now, the question is if “Teletoon Kapow!” itself is a good thing, and the answer is a “maybe”. As I mentioned when the channel was first put up for license approval, I found it a bit weird that this channel even needed to exist. Disney XD should be the home for all of Marvel’s animation once vanilla Teletoon’s exclusivity contract expires early next year. Which should relieve some of the stress that comic book programming has placed on Teletoon’s schedule. So with Marvel out of the way, what would Kapow house? Second run premieres of DC Comics, Marvel shows, and maybe those Power Rangers shows I guess. It feels as though they’re doing this so someone else can’t.

With that said,it’s not like Teletoon doesn’t have the library, since over the years they’ve basically aired every major DC or Marvel production, have 700 or so Power Rangers episodes, and are only getting more programming with Green Lantern (which premieres tonight), and Stan Lee’s Superheroes documentary series.

In a related note, as I suspected Corus Entertainment has allowed their broadcast license for the similarly themed “YTV Pow!” channel to lapse due to inactivity. Who would’ve thought Teletoon would have 2 spinoff channels before YTV gets one?

    • Katalyst
    • November 11th, 2011

    I don’t even have teletoon, I got basic cable. YTV was my only source of anime until they canceled it, now I don’t even watch YTV anymore. Hopefully, maybe…. one day YTV will come back to it’s senses and bring Bionix back. But until that day comes I will not be watching YTV anytime soon.

  1. Which reminds me, Teletoon does have over 700 episodes of Power Rangers, and yet, they keep repeating the Season 1 of Mighty Morphin’ for some reason.

    • jlaking
    • November 15th, 2011

    Probably they only acquired that many episodes.

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