Funimation holding Canadian survey to find out online, and TV habits ends Sunday

Funimation Entertainment, the leading distributor of anime in North America, is conducting an online survey targeted exclusively at the Canadian market. This is rare, as I don’t believe outside of the occasional convention visit that Canadian anime fans have been singled out for a response.

This survey asks about collecting, shopping, and viewing habits. The most interesting question, in my opinion is #14 “What Canadian TV channels should carry Anime? Why?”. I found this to be a great opportunity to voice my displeasure over the recent broadcast news regarding Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood in Canada. I suggest all of my readers to voice their opinion on this survey. The survey will close on Sunday August 14, 2011.

No, I didn’t ask for the Funimation Channel to be available to Canadians, because I suspect that would do us no better than Superchannel.

Thanks goes to Sitting on an Atomic Bomb writer, Jesse Betteridge, for pointing this out in our Facebook group!

    • Mohji
    • August 11th, 2011

    Rather than expressing displeasure about the FMA news, I encouraged them to seek more available TV channels in further Canadian TV deals, if at all possible. I doubt many channels are looking for anime to fill their time slots right now, and Super Channel is certainly better than nothing at this point.

    • Says this as one of the few people in the country who get Superchannel …

      No broadcast actually is better than a Superchannel one. No broadcast means they show can still be a first run series on another channel when anime becomes a more coveted programming piece. By airing it on extremely niche venues no one gets they’re relinquishing that right.

        • Mohji
        • August 11th, 2011

        And when do you suppose anime will become a more coveted programming piece? By that point I would assume FMA Brotherhood would be old news, and broadcasters would be looking for newer anime.

      • It’s a double-edged sword. Burn Notice aired on Superchannel before Showcase gave it a second window. Superchannel has many FX shows, yet that won’t stop FX Canada from entering the marketplace. It’s all in the outside advertising, and Superchannel is TERRIBLE in promoting its wares to people.

        Does Superchannel even promote its anime, at least on its own channels? I remember Men of a Certain Age, The Big C and Sons of Anarchy given the heavy promotion. I can’t imagine FMA Brotherhood is high on Superchannel’s list of priorities.

  1. I actually encouraged them to look into getting the FUNimation Channel permission to be carried in Canada from the CRTC. It would definitely be more accessible than Superchannel, especially if there’s a lot of demand for it. It’s not like it would be a $15 premium channel.

    I also suggested pushing the new Eva movies on Teletoon, since they’ve been open to airing anime movies on occasion.

    • EmperorFred
    • August 12th, 2011

    Thanks so much for the heads-up on this survey! Any opportunity to get the word out on the Canadian anime experience is worth taking. I really enjoyed filling this out, and thought I would share (I gave IMissBionix a modest shout-out):

    1. * How long have you been collecting Anime?
    Over 5 years

    2. * When you decide on the Anime series you want to buy, typically when do you buy it?
    I Pre-Order

    3.* What type of store do you buy most of your Anime?
    Online store

    4.* Where do you buy Anime? (you can select more than one) (Canada) (US)
    Right Stuf

    5.* Of the stores listed, where do you buy Anime the most? (choose only one)
    Right Stuf

    * Could you please comment on why you chose that store?
    They usually have the best deals/promotions and free shipping at $150… which isn’t great but it’s fine, as long as I’m buying my anime in bulk waves (and usually from the same studio), and they’re usually pretty good when it comes to avoiding the usual import fees, customs, taxes and such.’s shipping is too high, but is often offset by their heavy discounts. I’d buy from more, but their prices on anime can vary wildly and they seem to have problems getting/keeping stock available.

    7. If you buy most of your Anime through an online store, may we ask why?
    Convenience, naturally. Price – even on mainstream non-anime titles, I find the markup at brick-and-mortar stores to be way too high. And then there’s Selection – I know I can always find what I’m looking for online – and easily. Availability and variety of anime is improving somewhat at Best Buy/Future Shop, but to get anything approaching what I consider to be an acceptable level of selection you have to go to a specialty out-of-the-way comic book type store – and there the prices are insanely high.

    9. If you no longer buy Anime through a national or independent retail store, please list reasons why.
    It’s always been online.

    10.* How many Anime DVD and/or Blu-ray series do you purchase a year?

    11.* Do you own a Blu-ray player or a PS3?

    12.* Which is your preferred format?

    13. Why is it your preferred format?
    Both have their merits – DVD has a certain extra versatility (which I’m sure will diminish over time) – but Blu-Ray is high-def and a real quality collector’s format, and that’s where I’m at.

    14.* What Canadian TV channels should carry Anime? Why?
    Oh good lord. Logically Teletoon should, but they have a meager but bad history with anime, plus they seem to despise anything that plays to a cult audience – including any Adult Swim originals besides Robot Chicken. YTV of course once had a thriving anime block, but their programming priorities seem to have shifted in recent years to no longer include specialized “older youth audiences”. Space might be an idea, but it has historically had very little to do with anime, and just generally seems to be “too hip” for it, (y’know despite being a sci-fi channel). G4 Canada had a good run with Geneon anime (before the unpleasantness) and now thrives on the Adult Swim originals Teletoon shuns. But of course, they’re a tiny digital network no one gets. I applaud Superchannel for acquiring FMA: B’hood, but really for the struggling premium movie channel that they are, they should have been running this show long before ALL OF IT has already been released on DVD/Blu-Ray. I want to support any channel that earnestly runs anime but honestly, I’m not shelling out $13-$16 a month just for a weekly block of (count ’em) two second-run anime series. Otherwise… um, maybe the even smaller, lesser known diginet Bite? Frankly Canadian TV has become a terrible place for animation in general which is why I’ve dropped to basic cable and rely mainly on DVDs and iTunes now.

    15.* Where do you go online to find out about Anime?
    Anime News Network, RightStuf, ToonZone, TheFandomPost a bit… IMissBionix does an okay job keeping us up to date with the paltry offerings on TV.

    16. Why do you buy and collect Anime?
    I love animation, it simply entertains me like nothing else, and Japan makes the best of the best of it.

    17.* Which of the following influence you to buy an Anime series? (you can select more than one)
    Saw a Couple of Episodes Online
    Bought a Couple of Digital Episodes (Like on iTunes, XBox, Playstation)
    My Friends Told Me About It
    Article in Online Site
    Online Review
    Online Ad
    Trailer for Series
    Netflix – Mail rental and streaming to check it out.
    Other, please specify
    Netflix is streaming only here – mail rental is, FYI, and they need better anime selection!

    18.* Which Canadian Anime conventions have you attended? (you can select more than one)
    I haven’t attended an Anime convention in Canada yet.

    19. Do you have any additional comments? Anything we didn’t cover?
    Just wanted to say I really enjoyed getting to see the Trigun movie in a theater (relatively) near me! But I hear the US screenings are getting the dub? I feel a bit cheated.

    20.* Age

    21.* Gender

    * Would you like to sign-up for our email newsletter?
    (You can unsubscribe at anytime. Your info is safe, we don’t sell third parties. We hate spam too. Don’t worry.)
    Already a Subscriber

    24.* How did you get interested in Anime in the first place?
    What was your first influence?
    Despite my above comments, Canadian TV oddly enough. It all started with Samurai Pizza Cats on YTV back in 1991. I’d previously seen stuff like (’80s) Astro Boy and Battle of the Planets, but it was SPC’s 4th-wall breaking humour that introduced me to the concept of animation from Japan (and cemented my lifelong love of comedy anime and gag dubs – hello Sgt. Frog!). From there I put aside my manliness to check out – and quickly get addicted to – Sailor Moon, which led in short order to Dragon Ball, Teknoman, leading into my renting a few scattered tapes of Slayers and Ranma 1/2. Started buying uncut DBZ tapes and Escaflowne DVDs and the rest is pretty well history.

    25.* What are your top 3 favorite Anime series of all time?
    1. Samurai Pizza Cats (it’s ALWAYS about the Cats!)
    2. Fullmetal Alchemist
    3. Kodocha (Top Three?? Hardest question on this survey!)

    • katalyst
    • August 12th, 2011

    Well… y cant Funimation broadcast its anime on YTV =0. Ytv use to have a bunch of anime until i guess.. they decided to cut it out. Plus Ytv is a popular Canadian channel. -.-

    • jlaking
    • August 12th, 2011

    katalyst :
    Well… y cant Funimation broadcast its anime on YTV =0. Ytv use to have a bunch of anime until i guess.. they decided to cut it out. Plus Ytv is a popular Canadian channel. -.-

    Because (it seems) YTV does not want to air anime.

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