Nerd Corps’ “Teem Awethum!!!!” re-emerges 5 years later as “Rated A For Awesome”, premieres this summer on YTV

Long time followers of the Canadian animation scene, and those who were a part of the community may remember back in 2006 when YTV would green light a little show known as Storm Hawks from then-relative newcomers Nerd Corps Entertainment (who had only just worked on Dragon Booster at the time). Alongside the ill-fated Storm Hawks YTV picked up a series called “Teem Awethum!!!” chronicling the war of four nerds against boredom. Surpassing the production to broadcast time spans of titles like My Life Me, and Three Delivery, Nerd Corps’ latest (well, latest to air on TV) TV show is something that isn’t so new. Now retooled as Rated A For Awesome it is a series about four ordinary nerds, and their monkey who want to make the world extraordinary (and not just extra ordinary).

Remember when I used to write posts on anime?

Despite the failure of Dragon Booster on Toon Disney, and Storm Hawks on Disney XD, Disney has once again picked up this Nerd Corps production and has the worldwide premiere of the title set for June. YTV’s broadcast is expected to start soon after. The series will be like League of Super Evil in that it will be a series of two shorts at 11 minutes each (comprising the 52 shorts – 26 episode first season).

    • Mohji
    • April 20th, 2011

    Anime? What anime? :P

    • weirdie
    • April 20th, 2011

    Storm Hawks aired on Cartoon Network IIRC.
    Anyways, Awesome doesn’t look so… awesome, but it looks like it might be promising.

    • It originally did, but just a few months ago Disney XD gave the series an incredibly brief run.

        • Mohji
        • April 20th, 2011

        Didn’t it only last 2 weeks or so?

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