Young Justice toys come to Canada, the show? Not so much

Despite universal acclaim Teletoon has not picked up the DC Comics based Young Justice animated series. The series currently airing on Cartoon Network has performed well in the ratings, and given the fact it’s mainstream comic book animation it’s bound to find its way to Teletoon (the only place left for this type of show) eventually. I hope it won’t take as long as it did for Adventure Time

Baman wants to know if you'd like to buy some Rolexs to support Tuba

However, despite this lack of a Canadian broadcast, McDonalds Canada carried on with a Young Justice promotion with Happy Meals featuring toys based on the show (this campaign also ran in the US). This is actually a bit odd for McDonalds, who has in the past dropped lines it felt wouldn’t be relevant to the Canadian market. It also doesn’t help that some of the cast of Young Justice aren’t on the A-list of comic book characters, surely leaving kids a bit confused on who these characters actually are. Anyways, here’s the commercial:

The campaign has actually ended, being replaced by toys inspired by the animated film Rio. With that said, it’s just a slightly amusing piece on how not to handle a property.

Thanks goes to commenter Marc for pointing this out in the Adventure Time comments.

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