Beyblade Metal Fusion Marathon This Saturday

As a celebration for YTV’s Beyblade Metal Fusion Madness Contest (which includes some pretty cool swag – like the chance to be a voice actor on the show!) the channel will be premiering four new to YTV episodes of Beyblade Metal Fusion March 26 starting at 12PM EST. This replaces the current Super Anime Lineup airing on the channel for the weekend.


Beyblade Metal Fusion will have a four episode marathon this Saturday!

The four episodes premiering are the following:

12:00 PM – Episode 36: “Broken Wings”
12:30 PM – Episode 37: “Rock Scorpio’s Deadly Poison”
1:00 PM- Episode 38: “Run, Gingka”
1:30 PM – Episode 39: “Clash! The Phoenix vs. The Pegasus”

This will leave exactly 12 episodes until the second season, dubbed by Nelvana under the name “Beyblade Metal Masters” (known in Japan as “Metal Fight Beyblade: Explosion!”) could premiere on YTV. The channel, despite being the first English country to premiere Metal Fusion has fallen greatly behind international broadcasts of the show, and is in fact one of the few English speaking countries to not have finished the series run.

Interestingly, the URL for YTV’s contest has “BeybladeMMM” – which doesn’t work as an acronym for “Beyblade Metal Fusion Madness”, so I assume the contest will return when Metal Masters premieres. As a bonus for entering, viewers are greeted to the following teaser trailer:

Thanks to Mohji for saving me some time by not having me look up Zap2it listings!

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