streams almost the entirety of Beyblade, January cheers, and some IFC fun

I sure hope Nelvana co-produces a remake of Card Captor Sakura so that I can see Cardcaptors streamed on Teletoon's site... Ok, fine, I'll take Medabots instead.’s video portal is currently streaming almost all of the entire Beyblade franchise for one of the few Canada-only streams. The original Beyblade series had an episode run of 51 episodes, however, in the YTV streams, episode 3 is missing, although this seems to have been an error, rather than a case of censorship (I couldn’t think of anything remotely offensive enough to remove an entire episode in this spinning top franchise), as the listing for the first season lists its run as 51 episodes, rather than the 50 currently on the site. Both V-Force, and G-Revolution are streaming in their entirety of their Nelvana created English dub. However, V-Force’s first episode has the opening sequence of the original season, which, if you’ve seen the redesign the characters got between seasons, is quite jarring. As V-Force has never seen any form of home release in North America, and the fact it aired over five years ago, I can’t recall if this occurred in the broadcast version of the episode. Sadly, G-Revolution’s last episode is the broadcast version. The broadcast version that neglects the slideshow epilogue that brings the first series story to a close.

As for Metal Fusion, the reboot to the franchise, only five selected episodes are currently streaming. I imagine that YTV will be changing them in intervals related to their broadcast schedule. Although the current episodes on the site are not the most recent episodes YTV has aired.

The only major omission is the first Beyblade movie, but that might fall into the hands of Miramax, and Disney, rather than Nelvana and Hasbro.

For New Years, YTV will be airing new episodes of Beyblade Metal Fusion and Pokemon DP: Sinnoh League Victors at 9AM rather than their later afternoon slots. Their later slots will be pre-empted.

Lastly, IFC Canada seems to be airing some anime again. This time the batch seems to be Virus Buster Serge, and Street Fighter II V. For show times, and any future IFC anime updates in the coming days, I’d recommend checking out Mohji’s December IFC thread as well as the weekly Anime on Canadian TV thread.

  1. August 24th, 2011

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