Rumor: Even more confirmation of Ocean Dragon Ball Kai?

A post on a UK based Dragon Ball fansite devoted towards the Ocean dub of the franchise provides some new light on the rumored Kai dub. This post on the forum reportedly dispels some of the doubt clouding the dub’s legitimacy after voice actor Trevor Devall later revealed that the casting session many (including myself) used as confirmation of the dub’s production, occurred a while ago, with no news really having been heard of since. More doubt was tossed in when a Funimation representative denied having any knowledge of this alternate dub (granted, I doubt they’d be the #1 source of information on that subject). This post has a forum user allegedly getting in contact with Ocean executive producer Ken Morrison who not only confirms an Ocean dub of the series, but sets the record straight on an 2011 broadcast in the United Kingdom:

I can’t say you should put much faith into this, given that it’s a forum sourcing an email. But then again, one could claim something similar in regards to this blog…

    • Mohji
    • November 21st, 2010

    This doesn’t look legit at all. You’d think they’d at least use proper grammar in the email if they were representing the company.

    • Well, it is an email sent to a fan. Formal language isn’t really required.

        • Mohji
        • November 28th, 2010

        Yeah, that’s true. I’m just nitpicky about grammar. :P

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