Pokemon DP: Sinnoh League Victors on YTV, and a lump of coal for the holidays

Hello everyone, it’s been a while… I assure you, that while I am a fairly lazy procrastinator, those inhibitions were not the cause for a lack of updates on the site. Well, at least the main page. I admit that I haven’t had much movement on the topics for the site bar. Anyways, there really hasn’t been much at all to talk about. There were November and December press releases for programming schedules, but most of that was stuff I honestly had no interest in, so I wouldn’t cover it. Thankfully, this dry spell happened to occur around the exact time of mid-term, of which this procrastinating boy used time usually devoted to writing up blog entries now used for finishing assignments.

Enough about me, on to the news!

Pokemon’s a consistent franchise, it’s always a tale about Ash and his electric mouse traveling around some seemingly never-ending world and encountering new friends and foes. This consistency is probably why the franchise has been able to maintain its popularity for so long. Pokemon’s episodic plot structure allows the series to easily bring aboard new viewers at every turn, opposite to something like Digimon, which has a heavily serialized plot that is a bit difficult to pick up on depending on when you start watching the series. The latest season of Pokemon to hit up here is Pokemon DP: Sinnoh League Victors, and it’s no different.

Catch new adventures of Ash and his friends every Saturday afternoon at 12:30PM on YTV. New episodes began airing this past Saturday. Don’t blame me if you have missed an episode, reader Anime-Ash, as well as schedule wizard Mohji both mentioned that out of the blue YTV.com posted a header telling people new episodes would air yesterday afternoon, with no prior indication being shown at all. YTV has since updated their header showcase, and the Pokemon slide is no longer there.

Mohji also points out that YTV will be pre-empting the Super Anime Lineup® every Saturday afternoon in December. But it’s not all that bad, as it seems Yu-Gi-Oh! 5Ds will be getting a repeat slot Friday mornings at 7:00AM. So for all you duelists out there, if the latest anime episodes, manga chapters (which will start running in the English Shonen Jump by the time 5Ds’ repeat slot begins), trading cards, and video games aren’t enough to keep you full, you’ve got some blasts from the not-so-distant past to look forward to! Personally, I’m just going to sleep in. But that’s just me.

Thanks goes to Mohji, and Anime-Ash for pointing these things out.

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