ReBoot finally gets a DVD release

Shout! Factory, and Rain Maker Entertainment announced last night that they have plans in place for the first computer animated television series to finally hit DVD. The series co-created by Gavin Blair at Vancouver based Mainframe Entertainment (Creators of Beasties/Beast Wars, and Shadow Raiders/War Planet among other things, eventually bought by Rainmaker) in 1994 for YTV became a fairly large hit with considerable merchandise being produce, and broadcasts worldwide (a notable one being the censored ABC broadcast in the US). The series spawned four seasons, and two TV movies before a lack of funding ended the show with a cliff hanger. That didn’t stop the show from becoming a fixture of Canadian television, airing to this very day (on Teletoon Retro). However, rights issues, and weird releases left fans without a proper home video release of the series. There were plans to create spinoff shows, but nothing outside of that webcomic (which you can read at ever really materialized. Sure, there is that movie that’s been in development for ages…

Anyways, Shout! has the rights to distribute the series on DVD, and on digital store fronts (so expect to see it on things like the PlayStation Network video store, or Netflix). Given this is Shout!, I do hope they’ll include a stack load of extras, and commentaries. Although, I’m not sure I’ll have to hope, as the press release states the first release will be of a complete series collectors box (who wants to bet it’ll be in the shape of a game cube?), and that’s usually a good indicator of a stacked release, if their $100+ sets of Transformers, and GI Joe are anything to go by. For those who don’t want to drop $100+ for all of ReBoot at once next year (you should!), I’d expect Shout! to break up the complete series release into single season sets. That is, assuming the show doesn’t tank entirely with the initial release. Those expecting Blu-Ray shouldn’t. Shout! is a smaller scale company who doesn’t really do Blu-Ray. Not to mention the fact that ReBoot was rendered in standard definition, so unless someone digs up 16 year old computers with the shows files in tact, and re-renders everything in HD, a Blu-Ray release wouldn’t provide a huge increase in picture quality.

I’ll get to the Metajets Teletoon news eventually…

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