My Life Me resurfaces as “3 et Moi” on a Teletoon, and Disney Channel Asia

Me Myself and Me

Not to be confused with the Sarah Polley, and Scott Speedman film, My Life Without Me

My Life Me, a series that was one of the first blog entries I posted on this site has finally surfaced (the fact it was one of my first blog entries is more important than the fact the series had character designs by the creator of Dramacon). The series was scheduled for a Fall 2010 debut from its distributor, but co-producer Teletoon did not mention it at all in its schedule, or highlights for the fall season. I think I know why, I was looking at the wrong Teletoon, the English Teletoon.

My Life Me is actually airing on the French version of Teletoon, and premiered there earlier this month under the name “3 et Moi” (3 and Me). Still no word on what’s up with the English version on the Teletoon I watch…

But that English version is airing on the Asian version of the Disney Channel, and has been since late August. Here’s a tv spot in English.

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