Beyblade news, Three Delivery gets the shaft Plus so Much More!


Jenga Haganeeehh

Note: All times listed below are EST.

On October 2 at 12PM, YTV will be airing four new episodes of Beyblade Metal Fusion as an attempt to celebrate something I’ll dub, “Bey-Day“, where kids all across the nation are encouraged to run tournaments and have fun. Just to put some context on how far behind YTV is with this show, Metal Fusion episode 13 “L Drago Awakens” airs this weekend on YTV. On Cartoon Network in the US, this weekend will see the premiere of Episode 25, and 26. Australia’s broadcast of the show also hit episode 26 this week. Guess when they premiered the show? Well, Cartoon Network premiered it on June 26, and the Australian CN premiered on August 2. When did YTV premiere Metal Fusion? May 15. YTV helps pay for the show which sister company Nelvana creates. Wow.

In other Beyblade Metal Fusion news, the DVD release of the series will be handled by Canada’s Vivendi Entertainment (they will also be handling the Video on Demand distribution). Vivendi has previously released Canada only versions of Spider Riders, and Bakugan. They also serve as Funimation Entertainment’s Canadian distributor. However, unlike Bakugan, and Spider Riders which both had alternate American releases (in the case of Spider Riders, later cancelled), it seems Vivendi’s 51 episode spanning 7 DVD releases will be sold across North America. While this DVD release doesn’t include a Japanese audio track, it does include the English, French, and Spanish dubs.

If that recent news of 4Kids officially picking up the 10th Anniversary Yu-Gi-Oh! movie, and planning on giving it a limited 3D theatrical run, TV broadcast, and DVD release makes you want to get your game on, I have bad news for you. In an attempt to boost ratings for the Bionix killer, The Next Star, YTV will be airing a marathon of this seasons episodes starting at 1PM on September 25. This is great for Three Delivery, a show which YTV seems to not care about (No ads, not mentioned as a fall pickup, not mentioned on the site, etc.) will have only aired in its original Saturday 1:30PM timeslot twice, before being pre-empted by The Next Star, and Beyblade Metal Fusion marathons. It really makes me think that this show was produced for a block that died a long time ago.

Also, if you’re one of the 5 people who watch the CBC Saturday morning block to see such amazing content like Magi-Nation, and GTG, you probably noticed a change. In an attempt to assimilate the children’s programming into the general network, the Saturday morning block is simply known as “CBC”. No “The Outlet” (although this branding still lives for shorts aired between shows), “The Void”, or “The X”., 4Kids’ webportal for anime also launched today. As previously announced, it’s US only at this point, but expected to launch in other territories in the fourth quarter. I’ll just say that them using Hulu streams is not a good sign.

Lastly, it seems Nelvana will be producing a live action series with the creators of Hannah Montana, That’s So Raven, and other Disney/Family Channel faves for a new YTV series called Life with Boys. Dat co-viewing strategy…

    • Mohji
    • September 15th, 2010

    On Saturday October 9th (the week after the Beyblade marathon), YTV will be once again pre-empting the regular afternoon anime block with a Pokemon marathon. Strangely enough, the episodes scheduled include two from the Battle Frontier season, and two from the first Diamond and Pearl season. Go figure.

    • Bernard
    • September 16th, 2010

    I think soon they will launch TOONZAKI.COM in Canada and also I think they a different player to launch in Canada.

  1. beyblade is really cool!

  2. Beyblade rules!

  1. September 26th, 2010

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