Kirby Morrow confirms an Ocean Dub of Dragon Ball Kai

Dragon Ball Z Kai

Groupshot of Toei's refreshed version of Dragon Ball Z, Dragon Ball Kai

Man, right when I was getting into Birth By Sleep…

Back in April, Funimation voice actor Sean Schemmel let it out that there is indeed an alternate dub for Dragon Ball Kai in the works. He later went on to say it’s one produced in Canada. Shades of the alternate dubs produced for Canada, and the European market suddenly hit people (as Dragon Ball, Dragon Ball Z, and Dragon Ball GT all had alternate Canadian produced dubs). Seems he’s right, as in the September 8th episode of Voiceprint with Trevor Devall and Guests guest Kirby Morrow (Miroku in InuYasha, Goku in the Ocean dub of Dragon Ball Z) says the following:

I’d like to mention that a show is coming back… a little-known show called DragonBall Z.

It’s already been released in Texas, they’re recording it in Texas, it’s known, it’s on the Internet. DragonBall Z Kai is being recorded in Texas by the crew in Texas for release only in America, and we’re doing a dub in Canada.

It’s already being recorded in Texas, they’re talking about it and everything else at the cons, but ya’ know, I did well over 100 episodes, three years of recording as the main character, Goku… and a new company has the project, and they think I might not be right for the role. I sound, in their words, “too cool”, to be Goku.

That confirms what Sean initially stated. Sean later went on to say that this alternate dub of Kai will feature edits, a replaced score, as well as some changed sound effects. I just hope the edits aren’t as weird as what’s going on the CW. Although, given that Ocean is credited with video editing on the Nicktoons broadcast in the US, I’m going to assume that’ll be the video the Ocean dub of Kai will get.

While this doesn’t confirm a Canadian network has picked up the show (as it could be a dub produced for Europe and Asia), it does certainly increase the likelihood.


Thanks go to Mohji for pointing this out in the forum, while I was aware of it beforehand, school prevented me from any actual reporting…

Back to save Sora, or Ventus, or Vanitas, or zipper boy.

    • Brandon Young
    • November 3rd, 2013

    Hi, sean this Brandon the huge fan of dbz and I just wanna to say that your voice as goku isn’t the best. Kirby was cooler and better because goku voice in japanese verison was like kid type voice, so I think that you should step down and let the original cast work the series again. They were the ones that had everyone watching the show from the start. Last thing is vegeta voice was really cool, the music the sound effect was better than what we see now.

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