CBC goes ultra cheap, and the old YTV wheeps all this week…end

This Saturday, after you’ve had a moment of silence to remember that day 9 years ago, watch some cartoons.


In a cheap fashion that only the CBC could pull off, G2G: Got To Go, is their token “one show a year” pick up for their Saturday Morning Block. It’s some March Entertainment (Yam Roll, Chilly Beach, etc.) show that aired in Australia. It’s also about some girl dealing with an advice column. No one’s probably interested in that. I guess they’ll also pick up the second season of Cookie Jar’s Koreanimation Magi-Nation eventually. Although that’s currently not on the table.

It seems CBC may rebrand, or assimilate their older youth block, as the Outlet (“Here’s an outlet for annoying kids to submit their videos!”) seems to have died. I can’t say it was a shame though, as the last time the CBC put some effort into that block was when it was still The Void, and that effort paled in comparison to when it was The X.

The previously mentioned Three Delivery also premieres this Saturday at 1:30PM on YTV. This show is a tad interesting becase of when it was announced, and ended up airing. It was announced years ago as a YTV production. Given the subject matter, the time frame of announcement, and time frame of broadcast, gives me a suspicion this series was meant for bigger things than Saturday premieres. While there is no confirmation for this, and there has been no hint at it, I kind of suspect Three Delivery was meant as either a lead-in to Bionix, or a Bionix original itself. The series seems to be a semi-farce on the shonen genre, ala [adult swim]’s Perfect Hair Forever (although I hope it’s better than that), that wouldn’t really work outside the block. Given that a shifting in programming a Corus happened, and Bionix eventually died, it’s understandable how a YTV original series aired over two years ago in foreign markets before airing here. If my theory that the show was made for Bionix has any weight, it would explain why Corus is currently shunning the show. There is no mention of it on YTV’s website, or any of the programming highlights.

Sidekick continues to air new episodes on YTV, and I must say, I’m enjoying it. It’s nicely animated, and while it wasn’t the Funpak short that won, it was one of my favourites. Kind of cool to see something out of that all these years later.

Anyways, back to Birth By Sleep I go…

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