YTV attempts to destroy any clout I have, adds Three Delivery

Three Dee Delivery

Why is it that only Nelvana and Cookie Jar's stuff look like the only Canadian animation not done in Flash?

I’d usually ask you if you remembered that Super Anime Lineup, or that Beyblade Invasion, but at this point, I don’t think you could have forgotten given how recently I just mentioned them.

Well, it seems that’s all just temporary, as forum user Mohji points out. These are preliminary schedules so they can change (and if they change drastically ughdfsdf) The Super Anime Lineup will consist of the following starting September 4:

11:30am – Pokemon: Diamond & Pearl Galactic Battles
12:00pm – Beyblade: Metal Fusion
12:30pm – Yu-Gi-Oh! 5D’s
1:00pm – Yu-Gi-Oh! 5D’s

The later three will be airing brand new episodes, while Pokemon will be in repeats.

Secondly, that Beyblade Invasion I talked about (where I said YTV will be airing 10 episodes a week), seems to be only for one week. Looks like YTV wants to stay far behind Cartoon Network.

The Super Anime Lineup then suffers a cut back, as Canadian produced Three Delivery joins September 11:

12:00pm – Beyblade: Metal Fusion
12:30pm – Pokemon: Diamond & Pearl Galactic Battles
1:00pm – Yu-Gi-Oh! 5D’s
1:30pm – Three Delivery

Three Delivery is an interesting show. It was produced by the now closed New Brunswick studio, Fatkat, as well as the New York based Animation Collective (the two previously worked on Kappa Mikey). It was always a YTV and Nicktoons production, but the series premiered on Nicktoons two years ago, concluding last June. In fact, I used the series as an example of a channel paying for a show, and never airing it (for those wondering, My Life Me, and Metajets do not appear on Teletoon’s preliminary fall schedule) so I’m a bit surprised we’re actually getting it.

The show’s official site describes it as this:

Years ago, an evil young apprentice named Kong Li unleashed the power of a magical cookbook, scattering its dangerous recipes throughout Chinatown. Thanks to an ancient spell, a force field was placed around the city, keeping the magic in. For many years, the rest of the world was protected, but now Kong Li has returned to find the powerful recipes. If he succeeds, their evil power will be released and the world will be in grave danger.

Luckily, three teenage heroes, skilled in kung-fu, have been trained to stop him. When orphans Sue, Sid and Tobey were recruited by Nana to make deliveries for Wu’s Garden Chinese restaurant, they saw it as a way to move out of the orphanage and have a chance to ride cool bikes. Little did they know then, that they would be locked in a battle against evil for the fate of the world. On top of everyday teenage problems, the heroes must track down every last magic recipe – and shut down Kong Li for good.

… Yay?

The Super Anime Lineup remains the same throughout the rest of September.

I have a feeling this schedule will change as YTV announces the rest of its fall programming skid. So one must ask why am I writing this post if it most likely will become obsolete? Well, because I can.

In other news, Superchannel 1 will be airing this little lineup of anime movies on Friday August 13 (uh-oh):

3:00am – MD Geist
4:00am – MD Geist: Death Force
5:00am – Strait Jacket

My advice if you’re one of the 12 people in the country who get Superchannel? Only watch this if you’ve come back from a midnight screening of Scott Pilgrim Vs. The World, and the can’t fall asleep because of how awesome that movie was.

Once again, thanks to Mohji for pointing this out. Mohji is such a schedule wiz (he’s behind Anime On, that I’ve added his Anime on Canadian TV thread to the sidebar. He’s literally collecting every piece of Japanese animation on TV up here and posting them in that thread. I’d actually post the schedule, but the sidebar/ widget gets really ugly looking when too much text is displayed.

Also, for those wondering why I’ve yet to fully write up a report on Teletoon’s Fall 2010 upfront, well, simply put, I’m not interested in anything there. I’ll do a full report on it once YTV and Family’s family stuff is out. That way I can cover a whole bunch of stuff I’m not interested in within a short period of time! Yay!

If that doesn’t sound optimistic, well that’s because I expect YTV to pick up more Nick stuff, and lol Family.

  1. Thanks for finally talking about >YTV attempts to destroy any clout I have,
    adds Three Delivery | I Miss Bionix <Loved it!

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