Teletoon to finally air some anime again? Hide the children


Teaser image for Marvel and Madhouse's 12 episode Ironman anime series

Or don’t. Earlier this week at the San Diego Comic Convention, Marvel at the Ironman anime panel confirmed that their upcomming Japanese animated television shows will be aired in the US by G4 (very little relation to the G4 that aired Anime Current up here). Currently Marvel and Teletoon have a deal in place that sees Teletoon as Marvel’s exclusive home in Canada. The deal has worked well, as most Marvel direct to video features, as well as recent television shows have found their way to the channel (Teletoon is set to host the world premiere of the Avengers animated series this fall). Will this see the ever reluctant to Japanese animation, Teletoon finally air some Japanese content that neither Nelvana, or Cookie Jar produced? Only time will tell. While it’s not true anime, it’s a start, and that’s what this channel needs. Heck, maybe one day we might get Heroman? No, no we won’t.

Currently slated for production in the Marvel – Madhouse anime lineup is Ironman (pictured above), Wolverine, Blade, and an X-Men show. The first series, Ironman, is expected to start airing in Spring 2011. Ironman’s scheduled for 12 episodes. We don’t have word of the others as of yet.

The only issue is that neither Marvel, nor G4 are confirming an English dub for the work. While one should be expected, it is a bit odd that the Comic Con screening was Sub-only, with the head of G4 being playful with a “we’ve previously aired subtitled content” comment. If the series remain sub-only, don’t expect them anywhere near Teletoon. I don’t expect them to be sub-only.

    • Jesse
    • July 24th, 2010

    Well, Teletoon did show “Pan’s Labyrinth” subtitled. :)

    But yeah, those’ll be dubbed for sure.

  1. This is a good start for Teletoon to air Anime on its channel. I think this would help get anime back on TV in Canada.

  1. April 25th, 2016

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